After new mayhem rework

Do you guys think they will add anoints to guns that are quest rewards?
I like the reward from claw and order and wish I could get one with 50/150 but I dont want to do the quest again on tvhm and lose my chance at it.

Well you can never really “lose your chance”. You can always reset your missions if you want to and go back to the mission and redo it again. Also I’m pretty sure that you can get anything anointed, it’s just the chance of it dropping or not.

just dont want to reset all the missions, having all those exclamation points around erk me and in the log lol. This gun doesnt drop afaik and atm doesnt come scaled or anointed…btw how do you reset the missions?

There’s a patch coming thats gonna introduce quest rewards into a vending machine with anoints, you be probably better of waiting and save up some eridium


I’m very curious to see how this Veteran Mission Rewards machine works. Just kinda sucks that most mission rewards aren’t very good.

Still want that Omniloader with +1 Rakk annoint


I dont get why they dont just add them to the loot pool after doing the mission or something

I have wondered about this for years, most missions have some form of mini boss at the end. Just add the mission reward in their loot pool.

Problem with this is too many names enemies not respawning.

Yea, you can’t farm the bad boy loader in bl2 if you wanted to get some fibbers
There needs to be an other way
At least they are trying (finally)?

We can always dream right?

There are some nice legendary mission rewards. Perhaps the Veteran Mission Rewards could include challenge rewards?

  • Amazing Grace
  • Bekah (challenge)
  • Cloud Kill
  • Ember’s Purge (challenge)
  • Hand of Glory
  • Lyuda (challenge and also a drop so it might not be included either)
  • The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge
  • Rico
  • Scoville (challenge)
  • Sellout
  • Seventh Sense

I bolded the ones I would be excited to see in that machine.


Challenge items would be AMAZING in this new vendor. I hope they implement this. Bekah and Scoville are awful to say the least to farm.

Edit: Not sure how they would work in items from DLC, Scoville, Ember’s Purge, Seventh Sense etc.