After playing for neearly 9 hours of gameplay

What is the point of this topic exactly?

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vent i suppose…

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or are you here to point and laugh…

9 hours is a bit too early to give up, methinks. Trust me, this game is CRAZY FUN once you get the hang of it.

Are you doing all the same things? PvP? Incursion? Spread it around a bit. Do some story missions. They’re awesome and hilarious. Get to know some characters, both how they work and personality wise. I guarantee you will find at least one Battleborn who both fits you mechanically and makes you smile with their antics. They all have awesome antics.

PvP can be a savage, discouraging arena. Many there are driven more by kill counts than achieving objectives, so if you are identified as a newer player, these kind of players may actively hunt you. Stick close to your teammates would be one of my suggestions.

Lol. Good luck coming up. I personally like to try a support so I can blame other people. Even if it’s really on me.

Oh, then I interpretated your post wrong, sorry… A 9 hours loosing streak in PvP seems hard, been there…often…
Well, is there anything you could point out why this happenend? Maybe premade competitive enemiy teams or flaws within your team? Maybe he composition was not balanced compared to your enemies, maybe a teammate was new and had no clue what to do, ect. ect., there are many possibilities.

If you can point out the flawed points you might be able to overcome your loosing streak. Sometimes many different coinciodences lead up to fail, sometimes its a simple overseen detail, sometimes a beginner/noob/drunk/troll in the team. The important thing is a proper analysis^^

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Not with this matchmaker. I was just in a game, after waiting 15 minutes for a match. We faced a full team of 100s, I was the only one on my team lvl 100 and 2 members were below lvl 10. To top it off one person bailed the instant the match started. Needless to say, after this slaughter last thing I felt like doing is playing another match.

being matched with inexperienced players, no one helps me when i call for help, some people ridiculing me sending me hate messages for “sucking” and such…

This is gonna sound kind of bad but…

Welcome to the internet, where everyone you interact with is a jackass.

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also not to mention overly aggressive players who chase me down when im back at my spawn…

Oh yeah, all the nice things at once… That sucks, I can understand your frustration. Especially hate-mails from people pushing “the fault” towards other players are just awesome -.-

I can only hope the soon implemented report feature will do a good job, and hopefully GBX pushes all the buttons to give the game a proper MM with competitive/ranked modes that assure casual fun & competitive gameplay without such mess.
I also hope there´ll be a certain CR-requirement for jumping into PVP. Like, played all PvE-missions or at least 5 PvP-bot matches. Nothing frusrates me more than LV.1 Oscars in PvE or PvP…

Yeah, sad but true… These forums may be one of the rare exceptions in the world wide web :wink:

Maximum effort time, this is a moba after all you are highly highly dependent on your team.

Well, it’s the humble bundle crowd getting win-farmed by lvl100 premade groups. Just wait another two weeks and they’ll all be gone because they left in frustration.

@shinlucario maybe you could elaborate your situation a bit better in your orinial post - many people will continue to mistake you for a beginner who just played his very first hours.
This missunderstanding could bring up many unwanted responses.


Do not give up.
What you are noticing is a harsh learning curve.

Perhaps some of our PVP-meisters can give tips, pointers, assistance.
Perhaps some of you could maybe teamup with our newfound @shinlucario and show him the ropes.

Of course, ridicule seems to be less than helpful.

Who is your favorite Battleborn? Were you using the same one for those 9 hours? Perhaps we can help you figure out some new tactics you have not learned yet?

Well if you’ve played online games before, you know that the community can be a bit more toxic than it can be helpful. My suggestion is just power through it, play Incursion only to understand the flow of the game, stick with one character and simply play and play and get good. Be vocal in voice chat and point out things that need attention. Help your team out as best you can. I have a ton of hours in the game and I still lose often when I’m on a team of newbies or I’m just fighting a better team, it happens. But just getting good as a player will be the biggest thing to help you win but that also takes patience.

Just ignore the trolls. Giving them attention is the worst thing you can do. I’ve gotten death threats from YouTube and online games. It’s sadly part of the Internet, but it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

I have experienced some of those. And other forms of player abuse too. This takes a big toll on all PvP games. I also feel less and less inclined to play when there are other, single player games, where you do things at your pace and nobody treats you like &%^&^. BB is still fun though, just no as much as during the open beta :cry:

I get where you coming from when being matched with random level players, against high level experienced teams

I have been having the same issues, however I don’t ever have 9 hours to play anymore, so I doubt I will get to the level of frustration you are at.

I have been meaning to find a group of people to play with, but keep putting it off due to my limited gaming time, don’t want to make promises I cant keep.

But would highly recommend doing so if you have the time