After playing this game MANY times, how often do you read it?

I haven’t read this game since…well since it was new lol. I’d always accept the side mission totally ignoring the added story that it may have. (Only really following whatever the right hand side text tells me to lol.)

It wasn’t until recently (near the end of the last year) I thought…ok I think I’ll take it slow this time and actually read what they have to say in these mission descriptions. As I thought they were kinda as generic for the most part. Some however were actually pretty funny :slight_smile: and it was nice reminding myself of them again.


The echo logs are the best!


I know the feeling. I always tell myself I’m going to take it slow, but then I realize there’s no reason to because I have practically every single quest memorized in the order they become available. xD

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Haha same here my man. It’s kinda crazy if you think about it :slight_smile: Like I said it was nice re-reading it again. Despite it being a little generic, it was fun.

My favorite quote from the game has to be the first time you encounter T.K. Baha. “You! One more step and it’ll be yer last! Hehe, you shoulda seen the look on yer face!” I still remember the first time hearing that and actually thinking he was going to be some sort of mini-boss or somethin’. It made it so much funnier after reading his quest dialogue and realizing he’s blind haha. Pretty much everything from Tannis is hilarious as well if you actually follow what she’s saying. And of course, I can’t leave out Scooter’s “hot dog down a skag den, know what I’m sayin’?” from my list of favorites. That was definitely the moment I realized what type of game Borderlands was going to be. :smile:


I don’t read the quest briefings fully anymore but I do skim them sometimes.

I have the quests down to a science after all these years and hit them all in efficient order. If someone watched me play they would think I was speed running the game (which I’m not). Same with BL2.

Oh my god I only just recently found out he was blind lol. What his eyes are bad?..what he’s blind!? That was my reaction when I found out when I actually read it again, I’m surprised I didn’t know this. I guess I kinda skimmed it when I was young when I played this for the first time. :blush:

[quote=“AMG_75, post:6, topic:1205070”]
I have the quests down to a science after all these years and hit them all in efficient order. If someone watched me play they would think I was speed running the game
[/quote]Same here. I’ve actually thought about attempting a world record speed run, but most of them are for main quests only. I’m pretty confident that I’d be able to set one for 100% completion with a Catalyst Siren. Whether or not someone could find a way to beat me after is a different story lol… Would be pretty fun, though.

@Cody2Hottie, he hints at it a bunch of times with puns and sarcasm. “Hey, I’ll see you later! You don’t get it, do you?..” I caught on pretty quickly, but I could see why a lot of people missed it. Haha

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You should give it a shot sometime.

Hence the “I told them the old ‘See ya’ joke, but they didn’t get it” line (that’s from memory; quote may be a bit off). It helps if you did the relevant quest in BL2 as well: in one of the echo logs he says “Scar blinded me and took my leg”.

I was actually musing recently that so much of the game’s flavour and backstory is in mission text that nobody ever reads - it gives you a much better picture of pandora.


Yeah, reading that stuff does add to the game - I think part of the problem is the character’s talking at the same time as the text first comes up? Also on PC at least it’s kind of fiddly to scroll down the text which is often a lot longer than the box can fit in - they ought to have put the whole lot right up in front of you

I always think of these guys as galactic refugees from the Redneck Rampage universe.