After reinstall windows my characters are missing

Hi all,

I have an issue. Yesterday I reinstall my pc from Windows10 Home to Windos10 Pro and this morning I didn’t find my characters. At the past I reinstalled few times my pc, bat I never have this issue earlyier. I tried the game verify or the save file hystori but didn’t work either I saw this “you don’t have any save file history”. Any advice for me? Pelase help me. I have an Epic Games Version of Borderlands 3. (Now I am reinstalling Borderlands 3 to my computer)

Yours faithfuly,
Dániel István Tóth

All I can suggest is check to see if there are any copies of your saves in Epic’s cloud sync once you have the game installed. Did you do a clean install when you switched from Home to Pro?

Yes I did.