After "The Collapse": Destiny General Discussion 2.0

So it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to move our old Destiny GenDisc thread over from the old forums, so I’ll start a new one. If someone does end up moving it over, I’ll delete this one.

Anyway: love it, hate it, or love it/hate it, many of us play Destiny, so let’s keep the convo going. Include your platform of choice and gamertag/PSN ID if you want to setup play dates. We also encourage posting:

Gear finds
Funny stories
Xur predictions
And most of all- links to vids of awesome Guardian dance parties

I’m on PS4 as “saturday_saviour”

[size=20]THE TOWER[/size]

Forum Name / Handle; times available


joekgbx / saturday_saviour
darth_furion / darth_furion
reincarN8ed / reincarN8ed_Mk2


0takuMetalhead / otaku_0zzy


SuitableTrain8 / SuitableTrain8; 9-11:30P EST
wreckgar39 / wreckgar39
K0rN_b4LL / K0rN b4LL
unfriendlyfire / D4NG3R CL05E; 10P-2A GMT weekdays, 12-5P weekends
Aether_Seraph / aether seraph

XBOX 360:

wreckgar39 / wreckgar39
IrishRebelA07 / IrishRebelA07; weekdays 7-11P CST
Ryoushinteki / Ryoushinteki
Vycksta / Vycksta
Bentu / B3NNTU
Cayde_6 / EnglandsDimebag


Xbox 360 as Ryoushinteki

Love the game. Can’t ever get anyone to play with me, because I am not at their level ;.;

Looking forward to getting the game. Will post my PSN ID when I get the PS4


I’m not posting this at all just to get the notification of the thread being active, not at all. :blowfish: :rainbow: :guardsman:


360 as Vycksta. I’m actually toying with the notion of changing my GT, which is unheard of as I spam my nickname everywhere I sign up except Twitter.

[quote=“Ryoushinteki, post:2, topic:12207”]Can’t ever get anyone to play with me, because I am not at their level ;.;[/quote]What are your levels?

Light level 25 hunter
Level 7ish huntress
Level 5ish human

2 LVL 30 Titans and a LVL 29 Warlock for me.

What characters does everyone prefer? I’m thinking of starting a Warlock when I get it

I like Titan and Warlock a lot, obv. I’ve played hunter a bit, but I elected to do two Titans so I could switch the armor and have 2 LVL 30s. Some of it will depend on not only your personal play style, but also whether you plan to play PvE or PvP more. Imo, Hunters are a bit OP in PvP. Personally, I play more PvE.

PvE is preferable for me as well

I prefer the hunter. Arc blade is a lot of fun. I don’t ever play PvP

Lvl 19 or 20. On PS4.
I like it. I have no clue what’s going on. Don’t care what’s going on. All I know is things die good with my revolver.

I have lost any interest in Destiny again D:
I think I’ll just solo the raid (up to Crota) each week just to get 32. (just missing that darn Hunter Chest)
Iono, DLC didn’t add nearly enough to bring me back. If it added more dance moves though, WHOAAAAA


Is the raid really that soloable/easy(ish)?

The lamps and second bridge part can be done solo as a level 28.
At the end of the lamps section, there’s a rock you can stand on so Thrall don’t attack you, all you need to do is kill the Ogre and wait for the bridge to build.
I hate reddit but, some fancy videos of how to solo are here.
Someone legit soloed the entire raid without cheesing/glitching etc, that guy is so damn good.Like… how on Earth??

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GT B3NNTU xbox 360
Titan 29
Hunter 28
Warlock 28
I played the Beta, started with the Hunter andwent tthrough all the characters and found that I liked the Titan best.
So on the games release I started off with the Titan and now gradually playing through the game all the characters.
I’m not in a specific clan but belong to several groups who have all moved on to Destiny after playing Defiance.
If anyone want to join a group I can post a link.

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on the 360

I played it when it came out, only played the hunter. Once TPS hit it got put on the shelf but will pick it back up after the holiday

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Guess who’s done the gear run on Crotas end 6 times on a hunter and still no chest piece?
This guy!

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I haven’t done a vog yet and don’t see the need as I can get all the exotic gear I need from Xur with emotes.
My only gripe with the game is the need to do pvp to get the exotic bounties.
There should be a grind version in pve imo.

My son God bless him is in the process of doing the pvp part for the Thorn as I type this.
My Xmas gift lol.

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[quote=“Ryoushinteki, post:6, topic:12207, full:true”]Light level 25 hunter
Level 7ish huntress
Level 5ish human[/quote]30 Warlock and Hunter, 29 Titan. If you ever want to team up and do something, drop me a line. Admittedly I’m a tad boring; I like bounties and strikes, occasional games of Control and dancing on the Cryptarch’s canopy.

I would definitely like to try Crota’s End, because I am in love with the Warlock’s armor. That’s a different story for a different day, though.

[quote=“ThatOneGuy23, post:8, topic:12207, full:true”]What characters does everyone prefer? I’m thinking of starting a Warlock when I get it[/quote]I’m fond of all three, although my Warlock is always the first I boot up each day.

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