After the patch, Bola's will compete with Priority Target

Postpatch, Bola’s Target Finder will add a 12.60% damage amp to any damaging skill.

For comparison, Reyna’s Priority Target is a very low-damage (65 +50% to shields) homing shot that effectively exists only to apply its +16% damage amp debuff to a single target.

Now, granted, Priority Target opens up a world of other options via helixes - a slow, an anchor for a homing shot, and potentially more amp again with a late-game helix.

But it still strikes me that anyone running Bola’s is basically turning any of their damage skills into a skill that is dangerously comparable to Priority Target, except in many cases probably superior, because PT itself is little more than a delivery mechanism. (For example, when Bola-enhanced Shadowfire Pillar can do its massive damage to a group of people and apply the amp to all of them, how does Priority Target possibly compete with that?)

This doesn’t feel right to me.

Of course, in theory Reyna could take Bola’s herself and get a sweet +28.60% 30.60% damage amp on her Priority Target. But she is one of the worst characters in the game to take +skill damage because only one of her three skills deals damage at all. In fact, her preferred free shard gen is often -skill damage for that reason. (I’m assuming +skill doesn’t increase overshield - I have never actually tested this.)

Now, Bola’s is a skill damage item. It also adds +attack speed, which is okay for Reyna but not nearly as good as attack damage - in fact, Reyna’s multiplier on her pistol (L3 helix) actually makes attack damage really nice on her. So taking Bola’s on Reyna is super inefficient.

I think the issue here is probably with the new Bola’s, not Priority Target, although it also strikes me as odd that PT has only the same damage amp as the ae-effect Sunspotter helix and Desecrate.



That’s not actually how the two would work together because they’re multiplicative, not additive. PT + Bola’s = 30.6% additional damage, not 28.6%.

Something to remember is that Reyna can actually get a helix to increase the damage amp to 32% (albeit late game), so there’s still that.

I’m kind of awestruck that Bola’s Target Finder got a buff (and buffed so heavily) considering that it was already the best of the skill damage legendaries. I’m kind of curious why exactly it’s getting this attention.


I was wondering just today whether damage amps are multiplicative or additive, but it’s one thing I’ve never tested. Now I know!

And I didn’t even think about the duration. Sheesh.

Bola’s Target Finder will be the best Legendary option for damage builds. Even Benedict will benefit from this - hawkeye, several rockets and ult on top of it and every character = dead.

Now. Does Bola’s Target Finder stack if (let’s say) all 5 players run it?


[quote=“matrixltu, post:4, topic:1554396, full:true”]Now. Does Bola’s Target Finder stack if (let’s say) all 5 players run it?

I want to say that it does, because I’ve run alongside other players using a Bola’s Target Finder and I always notice my damage increase after I’ve hit someone with a skill, but I’m not 100% sure.

If it’s really yes then



But supposedly it does buff the heal you get from ‘Vital Protocol’.


@khimerakiller Source on that? Not tryna be rude or anything, genuinely interested.

Also, +dmg amp helix on Priority Target +buffed Bola’s Target Finder… is that +39% damage amp or +60~ish% damage amp?

am stoopid dummy hed, is not know how multi or additiv stuf is work

The helix increases the damage amp for PT from 16% to 32%. Since Bola’s is going to be 12.6% damage amp, the two of these together would provide ~48.6% (1.32 * 1.126) increased damage (while both are active; after 6 seconds, PT would fade and you’d just have the 12.6% from Bola’s).

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Ok, thanks. Also, I derped completely in my math and for some reason multiplied 32 by 30%. It’s a bit embarrassing.

So, basically, depending on your roll of the Target Finder, you should be getting at least 45% damage when you combine the (Dogpiler?) helix and that gear. Unless the damage amp on the Finder is constant and doesn’t change depending on roll. I can’t remember right now.

Gonna get out of hand really quick
Expect a quick nerf, somewhere in the middle

regarding the stacking-
my understanding is Bola’s does not stack with other Bolas, I know there are healing legendaries that don’t so I assume it’d act the same
However I can vouch that PT+Bolas does stack, I use it all of the time with Reyna
it also stacks with Ambras Sunspots

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Devs confirmed in AMA yesterday

Yea… everyone is going to be a Reyna now unfortunately lol (If they equip that). Skill dmg also effects her vital protocol as well so you are bound to lose something when you go the free shard gain route even though it’s the best way to level her up. ( I want a Reyna AOE buff :cry: )

With a legendary buff like that I think it’s going to make more people choose “the best defense” instead of healing. Shield first for the extra 16% buff>>> Pri target with bola for the dmg amp>> homing shots >>> Slazer will equal a ton of single target dps.

I think a loadout with bolas and “the best defense” would be great in a double support combo on incursion but in a game like meltdown where it’s a faster pace I usually stick with my shard gain (-skill because it’s better than having -heal power) and wrench combo for faster levels and consistent big minion spawns each wave.

On the patch notes it states this as a bug but it sounds like a buff:
Reyna: The Level 9 Right Helix Augment Kinetic Deflection now reflects damage sources that fully deplete the over-shield

So basically shielding someone before a thorn ult, Deande burst, Caldarius ult will get a good portion of dmg sent right back at them.