After the recent hot fix does do harm still effect TTB?

After the latest hotfix, does do harm have any effect on TTB damage?

Also it sounds like action skill damage also no longer effects it, is that correct?


To anyone else curiosity I found this video that explains that pretty much all damage sources are still passing to TTB. He doesn’t specifically mention do harm, but says that action scale damage is still being applied. It sounds like their nerf didn’t work as intended.

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This is good to know I ran DLC4 with Moze instead of Amara because I was afraid the nerf would ruin my build.

He’s a good youtuber for Borderlands math, his videos have helped me a lot when creating my own builds

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I can confirm to everyone that every damage that passed through Ties before still passes through Ties. Revelation absolutely still works.

Basically, the only thing that DOES NOT pass through Ties is DoT damage on the enemies. Everything else passes and is multiplied like always.