After trying Every "Best Loot Ghost Farm" here is my 1st Place

Edit: I’m going to say, that for me, Electra City still seems to be the quickest way, again, for me, to run around in a circle and look for Loot Ghosts… However. I think that 100% Guaranteed Way is to run Wayward Tether. It’s not that difficult, i don’t even kill the boss at the end, just check the little creatures at least (they Have been loot ghosts a couple times) and then repeat… I’ve yet to run it that i didn’t get at least 1 loot ghost and typically i get at least 3 a run

I’m going to start by saying i came up with this strategy on my Own, but I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one to think of it, or doing it. But I’ve seen All the YouTube videos i could find on farm spots and best places, like Voracious Canopy or Slaughter Shaft etc. And i find after a Thousand runs in those places, this seems to be working Much Better

I go to Promethea, then Lectra City. I simply put on my Running Boots, literally, you’ll want a shield with High defense and a 10% movement increase both full and more importantly Not Full as you’ll be taking damage quite a lot, so if you have that one shield with 17% movement while damaged or depleted, Great!

Now, just Run Around, look out for the Loot Ghosts, and Kill Kill Kill. Once you’ve made a Loop, go to Meridian Complex then Back again, or go to Sanctuary and back again, OR, if you have a place in mind to alternate between go there, then Back again, but this is why this works So Well. This place has a Ton of enemies that spawn, and the key to Fast Farming Loot Ghosts is spawning in as Many enemies as possible as Fast as possible. Allll those other places you have to Kill enemies to get to the Next enemies and do Waves basically, when doing this method you’re just Sifting through them until you find what you want, only killing Who you want then moving on.

Also, this is Important! Make Sure it’s safe to Kill the haunted enemy so you won’t be Downed trying to kill the Loot Ghost and make Sure the Loot Ghost Won’t be killed by another Enemy because that Can Happen and if it Does you don’t get Anything!

Hope this helps Vault Hunter’s

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I tried Lectra City, and the issue I had was the random difficulty of the fights. You could get 2-3 anointed in a single pack, or have ghosts ‘fall’ into the underground tunnels. Yes, more enemies quickly does equal more ghosts, but that’s the nature of the event; ghosts spawn in any sufficiently large group. In terms of quantity vs. time (efficiency), The Family Jewel has still been the best for me.


Family Jewel you say? Thank You I’ll try that

For me Athenas still is #1.

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I don’t think I’ve tried Athena’s, I’ll give that a shot as well, then i can kill the boss at the end while I’m at it for a Crossroad chance

Yeah I usually do it like a pipe:

Start -> (Chupacabratch) -> Clear Brewery (white + red chest at entrance or exit) -> (private beans for chance of western gun with good anointment) -> clear Graveyard (white maliwan chest right and white chest in narrow path left) -> (Captain Traunt boss) -> (2 x white + 1 x red chest in vault) -> (2 x white chests at exit) -> reset or go to Maurice.

I usually easily get 2-4 loots ghosts in one run and a lot more red ones that btw. also can drop event loot and other legendaries.

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Yeah the Family Jewel is an exceptional place to farm ghosts. Lots of loot ghosts too, theres one big room in there with a new-u right by it that spawns a ton of haunted dinos. Great chance for loot ghosts too real good for a save/quit farm.