After update, can’t access DLC on secondary PS5

My houshold has 2 PS5’s: mine and my son’s. My son has his PS5 set as my “primary” PS5 (now called “Console Sharing and Offline Play” I believe) so that he can play the games on my account. We’ve been playing Borderlands together like this forever, DLC and all.

After the latest update (June 24), I can no longer access any of the DLC unless my PS5 is set as my primary. If I set “Console Sharing and Offline Play” to disabled, then I have no access to the DLC. Switch it back, full access.

I really hope they did not do this on purpose, and that it is a bug and will be fixed.

Can anyone else confirm this on their PS5? You have to close and restart BL3 between changing the setting.