After XXth campaign run how about your FAV NPC?

mine is the doctor who flies out the window lol… he’s a perfect metaphor what what i find frustrating doing quests in BLands. just interrupts himself to die while giving you the quest details hahaha. it gets me every time i always laugh.

runner up is the jumbuck tuckerbag guy, he’s just so outrageously Aussie it’s hilarious.

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My favorite newly introduced NPC in TPS is Captain Chef.

This, and Cosmos.

“And you may have a little trouble with the neighbors.”

Pee-pot and Sterwin top my list

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Well said, I salute to you Sir!

…brrp brrp brrrrrp…

Damn i forgot about Captain Chef he is brilliant

Same here. Captain Chef is by far one of the best!

Janey, Captain Chef, Timber Logwood, Pickle (He flushed the map down the loo?) and Peepot.

Plus Moxxi and Tina.

My favorite NPCs are Jack, Janey, Moxxi, and Tiny Tina (whenever she speaks on the ECHO).`

Jack. I don’t think he has one bad line, and he has a lot of them.

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Red and Belly. Sitting in a tree. K-I-Z-Z… dang it Claptrap, you’ve ruined me for life!

Peepot WAS the best for the first playthrough. But every subsequent playthrough he gets more annoying. I accept his mission every time for the XP and it forces me to fight extra kraggons (MOAR XP) and get the “Up Magma” challenge, but his dialogue just takes too long to complete before you can advance.

Red&Belly - Skipper&Bosun - Bucphelous “Deadlift” McElroy - most npc’s are well done and the more i play the more i enjoy this game!

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I’m with you, these are brilliantly written and executed.

My favs: Dr. Spara (woo!), Pickles, Red and Belly and Captain Chef.

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Maybe the npcs in the home delivery missions. Seymore as Lil shop of horrors reference and terry the young thresher that will turn into BL2’s Teramorpheus raid boss.

the guy you deliver the motivational posters to in regolith range. and just for his line of dialog. Hilarium!

Pickle and Bosun

Nakayama, easily, by a mile, as well as Jack himself. Sadly, unlike BL2, I’m not really a fan of most of the regular NPCs. Nina barely gets any screentime, Pickle has such an annoying awful cockney accent, it just grates on me.

Same issue I have with Lady Hammerlock really, they’d be far funnier to me if they got people who could do the accents properly, rather than bizzaro world accents those 2 put on. Janey Springs is a collosal douchebag, and it kinda grates, since I don’t think the writers realise what an utter ■■■■■ she is. That, and she seems to be one of those people who seems terrified that if she isn’t constantly quirky every second, people will find her too boring.

I far prefer the one off characters, like Cosmo, Red and Belly, the Bosun, scientest lady in R&D, Papa Crust, the couple of activists in Triton Flats, Captain Chef, and probably a few others I can’t remember at the moment.

Don’t know much about the Eridian (Big Red?), but that NPC has a lot of potential.

Still a big fan of Felicity … even with her getting all weird at towards the end.

The Rocket Scientist girl is growing on me.

Nothing against Pickle, but I am glad Bosun met his end.