After XXth campaign run, who's your most annoying NPC?

After umpteen runs, somehow I still find Janey endearing lol… i guess because she’s a bit self deprecating and never loses that optimism.

Most annoying used to be a tie between Rose and Felicity, but now i gotta say Felicity has pulled way ahead (for one thing she talks a lot more). It’s almost funny how utterly fascinated she is with herself, it’s as though she woke up yesterday with a British accent and determined to squeeze every last drop out of it.

Add to that her incessant whining, her utter failure to grasp even the most basic concept of WHY the player/Jack needed her in the first place, and her super-waffle identity crisis where she can’t decide whether she wants to be a military AI, or “human” and it’s everybody else’s fault.

She STARTED as a military AI, got turned around by the Bosun and did “things” for his entertainment. Really? like what, read emails with a sexy voice? She has no concept what a body even feels like (she literally tells us so) but somehow knows how to be offended like a real grown woman who’s been oppressed. So now that she’s been given the chance to go BACK to being what she was before the Bosun’s tampering… all she does is wax poetic on how barbaric people are and how violence is bad and she wants no part of it. There’s just no pleasing her XD

I love the sounds in this game otherwise i’d mute the hell out of her lol; Platinum Medal for most annoying character in my BL series. What’s yours?

For me I still make fun of Janey the most. I’m 100% sure she has a case of Scizophrenia. If I were a part of Concordia I would have left her stranded in a wasteland with a assortment of kraggons and scavs in the way of her return as well.

janey is one of my favorite characters in the borderlands series. The most annoying after running through the game 5 times would have to be pickle

“the future is so iridescently bright! I’m going to call myself Felicity, it means freedom”

That sentence makes me cringe every bloody time, the first few times with her was ok, but the more I hear it, it just seems like a writer trying to cram in a feeling…

Also, Merriff and Pickle

  1. pickle
  2. not being able to skip the merriff after the second time with serena every playthrough.
  3. felicity saying “everything is lost like tears in a puddle” RIGHT after jack says she made them into puddles. It makes me cringe every time. If the two statements somehow referenced each other it would be better, but as is they just sound awkward.

aww you don’t like the meriff? he’s a repugnant slimeball but he’s very well done, and consistent (unlike Felicity who is just ridiculous the whole way).

Pickle hmm… he does get honorable mention from me because of the fact that he’s supposed to be a 10 year old boy and they hired a full grown woman to do his voice and it irritates me. also his picture looks like a chipmunk.

the first time i played i was sure the twist would be during the powersuit Felicity rediscovers her millitary AI roots and gets blood crazy and sadistic… that would have made SO much more sense. but instead she’s like “you know i didn’t enjoy killing those men” and i was like wait… what? almost feels like they changed her writing halfway through and someone decided she’d be better as a pacifist warning against aggression… nm the fact that she was a military AI created to control a giant warship >.<

I hated Pickle within 5 seconds of my first playthrough.

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Does RK5 count? Because he is the absolute worst.

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Gladstone and Felicity… Actually I am starting to hate almost every NPC except for Janey so no more TPS until the new campaign DLC is out for me. =P

Pickle, Gladstone. They talk too much, we need to wait till they finish to push the button, to continue or whatever. It’s just terrible to play their missions.
Honorable Mention: Felicity
She says every bandit killed makes this world a better place, then being angry about killing them and asking if humans can’t argue. Also, having talking npc in my pocket is kind of awkward.

lol i actually like RK5… but he has the cool booming echo effect, and w my surround bass i can’t actually understand what he says 75% of the time. maybe that’s why i think he’s cool =P

I wish I knew how I did it, but I restarted UVHM with Jack and somehow all the dialogs were skipped. I don’t know if it had something to do with messing with subtitles. But, it was glorious… really speeds up the game. For example, after you confront the Sheriff and Jack goes on and on about what to do next… that whole part was skipped and it immediately went to “Get back to Springs” (or whatever). You still had to watch cut scenes or wait for NPCs to go somewhere, but those are quick in comparison. This was on Xbox.

I’ve tried both getting it to repeat and searching the net, but I’ve come up empty. Anyone know anything about this? With this glitch, none of the characters are annoying anymore. :smile:

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Normally, I will simulate this experience with a mute button and loud a$$ music :smiley:

“Eat Lasery Death”-Some ■■■■■■■ in an Unkillable Spaceship. I’m sitting in a goddamn elevator trying to not die because I took the snowball instead of rolling for a corrosive mining laser, DONT TAUNT ME!

pickle and his sister dodgy English Accent(do people think we in England all speak like that?)

I think it’s meant to be a bit over the top, like Janey’s impression of an American accent.

I think Pickle is supposed to recall the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist lol; and he does a good job- but they should have got a male to do the voice, it’s just a little too creepy for me. Plus when he says things like “I’m feeling generous” it gets on my nerves because he’s supposed to be nearby? or something… like he’s your boss; except you NEVER see the little runt and he doesn’t lift a finger on his own.

Borderlands definitely ranks 10/10 for outright NPC arrogance >.<

And yeah i agree RK5 UVHM is absurdly tough; and those missiles can two shot you even with 65k health and 30k shields… without those jump pads to fly back and forth he’d be virtually impossible for some characters. and he’s still the hardest boss for me- much harder than Sentinel and Zarpedon.

That is the only thing that makes him a little bit funny for me. Like when you find Harry in the Sublevel 13.

Everyone. They’re all poorly written.