Aggie was adjusted but only drops skins and room decor?

Ive been farming aggie on and off a handfull of hours trying to get a on level backburner FINALLY! But in a blow to the gut ive only got skins and room decorations cash and eridium myabe 5 guns in a 4-5 hour span. Hasent even droped the crappy purple launcher that is a “aggie launcher” what gives anyone else having this happen?

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Not me, he literally dropped 12 backburners in about 30 mins for me lol. At one point he even dropped two, I’ve never seen that happen.

I went nearly 100 runs before he finally dropped a single Backburner, he dropped 4 in about 200 runs, then dropped 4 in a row. The loot pool seems to be extremely small on him now, with only like 4 weapons possible, plus artifacts and cosmetics. I can confirm that he does drop properly scaled M10 Backburners now, it just may take a long time and a lot of runs to get one if you are unlucky.

Same for me. I’m not even attempting the takedown until I get one.

Haha that’s funny dude. The backburner or any gun for that matter, will hardly scratch the new takedown. It’s insane.

So I hear :joy:

I’m pretty sure they upped the stats of all enemies on Mayhem 10 instead of decreasing them, because I’ve tested a ton of different weapons and they all feel weaker than they used to, including the weapons that weren’t nerfed. Many weapons also feel like they have less stability than they used to too. I have a feeling that somehow everything got scaled up like the True Takedown…

I think ur better off with a plaguebearer.

But i dunno what a m10 backberner can do. I do know the origonal projectile hits weak. The splashing projecyiles hit super strong

Plague bearer can crit 9 mil or way beyond and each spawn really corrodes the hell outta yellowbars.

Considering finding an electric one.

Hope u guys get one.

Did they nerf the monarch jjst got a 1900k x4… Wtf

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I’ve gotten about 15 M10 Backburners now, almost all of them rad, with 1 fire, 2 cryo and I only just finally got my first corrosive one. This is after about 300 runs or more. Still looking for one with shock, never mind the fact that I only have the SNTNL100 annoint on rad and cryo…

Plaguebearer and Backburner are both good, but have slightly different uses. Some bosses one or the other doesn’t work on, so it is good to have both.

And no, they didn’t nerf the Monarch…at least…they didn’t lower the dmg numbers on the card.

I’m on Xbox, M10, and after 8 runs, all I have received are some purple weapons and cosmetics. Not a single legendary that wasn’t a skin or trinket.

So frustrating. Why can’t GBX do one thing correctly? And why are we still getting the GD cosmetics in the loot pool? They don’t listen to their players, they only listen to the streamers and give a big FU to the rest of the player base.

I don’t believe that those who are making the decisions actually play this game, or even care. This level of incompetence is staggering, even by modern video game standards.