Aggressive teams on meltdown. discussion

I mostly play on meltdown matches and i know this is an issue on the other game modes

but too many people treat this as death match.

the word needs to get out there better(via the devs in a in game bulletin) that the object of the game is to kill minions and guide our minions not pushing the team into the enemy side of the map and seeking out enemy players.

if i had a dollar for every time a player ran past an opposing team’s minions and let them march to the grinder. i could have bought another copy of this game for my friend

and the worst part is me sitting with 60+ minion kills and a few player kills im the lowest scoring team member and im the reason why we did not lose.

i hope the scoring system gets rebalanced soon, a player kill at 2 still but make the objective, minions and turrets also count as 1 or .5 points

that way people who only understand score will finally click for them oh i can get points for playing working towards the end goal.


Unfortunately, there’s no real fix here. The objective of the match is clearly explained in the base before the match starts, and if your pug’s aren’t listening or taking notice then your best bet is to find some online friends to team up with. I don’t even bother solo queuing for capture maps for the same reasons, so I understand your frustration. I’ve noticed a shift in the incursion matches in that players are becoming more familiar with the mode’s objectives and how to best utilise the maps/thralls/buildables, so hopefully over time the majority get their head around the focus of the different pvp modes

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Had a game like this recently, Spent the whole game moving lane to lane while the rest played death match, I was the only player to spawn minions (around 15), we won but it was really close, I literally put everything into securing the objectives, highest score at the end went to the player with the most player kills lowest was me…

Not that I care per say but if a metric in the game is telling you that player kills are what you should be doing, then that’s what people will do, they won’t care that they lost the game as long as they can say “I got the highest score in my team, it wasn’t my fault”


I have a solution. Make an arena/tdm mode where all these numpties can go. I’m surprised there isn’t one already tbh.


I always thought of Capture as the TDM of the game. The capture points just funnel everyone into 3 different points so that the fighting was more contained. An Arena mode WOULD be fun, though. A ten minute space football/capture the flag mode would be fun.

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Lol, :acmaffirmative:

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There needs to be recognition for healing in the scoring too.


Honestly, I would prefer if they got rid of a scoreboard altogether. Without a scoreboard people are (hopefully) less concerned with being in that top slot and more focused on actually completing objectives.

That said, if the PvP scoreboards focused more on objectives and less on player kills, that might help. But you’re always going to have those Rambos who only care about playing TDM and nothing else.

I think I remember hearing that they are working on a more comprehensive scoring system.

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This Scoreboard’s a placeholder. It will just take a while to get a better one set up.

Keep in mind with meltdown that a team needs to recognize the right time to focus on the enemy team and take them out. Wiping a lane or the whole team can be the best way to generate momentum and push a bunch of minions in. Of course this needs to be balanced with smart play and taking out enemy minions. Just saying sometimes it is a good strategy to focus on taking those fools out!

I would not mind seeing a team death match mode

one to get those players out of meltdown

two because i to would like to play some death match in this game

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i would disagree because the same poeple will still be concerned about the most kills still

if they see people getting higher scores for killing minions and escorting them it will encourage them to play the game mode right

Maybe the game could plaster a big ol’ “Have you thought about trying the Capture Mode” when you get more kills against enemy players than Minions. Please.

In Meltdown, you kill Minions, you escort them to the grinders, and you build as many buildables as you can. The secondary objective is to make sure the enemy isn’t allowed to do the same.

And nothing makes me more pissy than my team completely ignoring all objectives and spending the whole match in the middle of Paradise fighting the enemy team - and completely sucking at it. And even though they are standing in the middle, no one bothers in buying some Bots since they have 3 legendary Gears they want to unlock…
I’m just one person.
I can’t look after both lanes, keeping the enemy minions out of our grinders and escorting our minions to the enemies, keep our thumper turrets up, collect all the shards I need for the buildables, building Bots AND stay alive when the enemy team actually does play the objective too.

It’s irritating that most of my losses are caused by teammates who can’t just go play the Capture Mode. I have no problem with playing a fair match with good teammates and still losing, when the match was fun the conclusion hardly matters to me. But I do have a problem when all my callouts in the chat are ignored and I’m left doing everything alone, and we end up losing because of it.

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Why a ranking system would sort this out. So players working together will rise up the rankings and as you rise up, you will find more games where players will work as a team

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the worse is when you do call outs, and with my character Benedict he is weak at the start low damage so when im calling out for players to push harder i keep getting ranted i’m not doing my part even though i still have the most minion kills.

but as soon as i get to lvl 5 i usually always past everyone on my team with player and minion kills.

and legendary is no excuse for not building things i have 2 legendary and a purple and i still manage to build the most. just takes a moment to farm those shards

poeple still rank up just for playing

Except when you have three gears costing 1800 shards and your buildables keep getting destroyed (which would also happen less if people focused on the objective. ) you will struggle with farming for shards for your Gear and for the Buildables.
Some people can make it work, but not all, and I generally feel that you shouldn’t have all your gear cost over 1000 shards in PvP, unless you often find yourself with surplus shards.

it depends on the map to. not all maps have the big shards. i only play on paradise really

but i would never bring this build outside of paradise or overgrowth.

other maps where shard spawn is low can’t bring expensive gear.

why i only play those two maps because i know i can farm easy over 10000 shards by maps end.

heh, I know right ?

Although the opposite is sometimes true too : I had a few games where ennemy players would ambush me and I’d get no help because the others were busy killing the minions right next to me being murdered :smiley: Sure the goal is to prevent ennemy minions from reaching the grinders, but at some point when everyone’s dead, no one can kill the ennemy minions or prevent the ennemy players from killing our own minions :wink: