"Agile" vs "Mobile"

The characters have all kinds of definitions - some more accurate and useful than others. They probably could be improved a little down the line.

What I’ve been wondering about is the Agile vs Mobile definitions.
For example; Benedict and Caldarius are Mobile, while Thorn and Mellka are Agile. Benedict, Caldarius and Mellka have movement abilities (for Mellka and Caldarius they double as offensive abilities too) While Thorn has natural mobility and also some helix choices, like a higher jump or hasten on one of her abilities. Marquis and Orendi are also listed as Agile, Orendi has a faster base movement speed but no movement skills or helixes that buff her agility (I don’t think so at least?) Marquis also has a faster base movement speed and a helix choice for a hasten ability.

I’m not a native English speaker so when checking their definitions I only see this;
able to move quickly and easily.
able to move or be moved freely or easily.

So I don’t really get what the difference is? Is it really that important to have both definitions, wouldn’t one of them work just fine?

The way I see it; agile would refer to movement on a horizontal plane, movement speed and such, while mobily would refer to vertical movement. However, Mellka has vertical movement through use of an ability and Thorn has access to vertical movement via her helix.

All the mobile characyers not only move fast, but can change direction quickly (including midmovement). I think this is the main difference.

Benedict has a lot of Vertical movement, while Caldarius has a lot of horizontal movement - if your going for high jumps and not long jumps, you’re playing him wrong (I mean as wrong as you can play any character. You do you, but it might not be the most efficient) Both are Mobile. This confuses me :S
And Mellka is much more “vertical” than a Caldarius anyway!

Hmm, this could actually be it, then? Cald and Benedict are the only characters with double jumps I think?

Well Toby and a few others with helix choices. Melka can also chain her jump with her two abilities to quickly change direction and manuever around.

I played violent tag the other day vs melka (I was caldy). I swear we circled eachother 30 times before I finally killed her. She is so hard to pin down when she can go every direction.

Oh yeah, Toby has his boosts. Haven’t played him in a while…
Hmm, I guess it’d still end up being a rather vague differentiation, but at least its something.

I think it would still work with only one of the terms and not both :stuck_out_tongue:

My interpretation of the two would be as follows:
Agile - Fast/Somewhat hard to hit.
Mobile - Lots of movement.

I do think however that they might have not found a word to replace Mobile with, since Mobile means portable (Mobile phone is a phone that can be moved vs a stationary phone that cannot be moved). Since Benedict/Caldarius spam that spacebar and have high manueverability, mobile was the next best word they could find that was short enough to fit.


Here’s a list of heroes on the game’s main site. There’s only “agile” description, they never use “mobile”. I kinda think they mean the same in the game. Marquis is neither mobile nor agile, he’s sniper/territorial/advanced.


The main site isn’t actually very good at listing accurate info on the characters. I did remember Marquis wrong (since I wrote the main post from memory), but Benedict and Caldarius are listed as “mobile” in game. I don’t really get why, though. I bet either Agile or Mobile alone would work just fine.

I did also write the definitions of Mobile and Agile on the main post.

Agile refers to being able to move on a whim or in other words; they have some sort of ability or mechanic that allows them to move very quickly in a short amount of time. They might have a greater acceleration than others and they might have (but not necessarily) a smaller hit box. Being agile usually means that you’re hard to hit or that you can react quickly to new scenarios or threats.

Being mobile means that you can get from point a to point b a lot faster than others can. A mobile character can close a decent sized gap faster than others. They might not accelerate as fast, but they tend to have higher top speed.

An easy comparison would be someone on foot vs someone on a bicycle. The person on foot can move around freely and change directions quickly. They can move through terrain with relative ease whilst the person on bike can travel a lot faster but normally they can’t maneuver through terrain as easily. A race between the two in a short distance such as 5 feet would normally result with the person on foot winning, but make it 50 feet? The bicyclist should win.

I hope that helps clear it up!

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Thanks a ton! Examples explain a lot better than one sentence definitions, at least for me!

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You got it bud!

I just suggested more detailed definitions)

But the definitions were the same :confused:

Yea in this case, agile is referring to speed and swiftness, while mobile is referring to the ability to reach hard to reach areas and traverse maps effectively (essentially they can go anywhere they please)

Were they?

[quote]Simple Definition of agile
: able to move quickly and easily
: quick, smart, and clever

Full Definition of agile
1: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace (an agile dancer)
2: having a quick resourceful and adaptable character (an agile mind)[/quote]

[quote]Simple Definition of mobile
: able to move from one place to another
: able to move with the use of vehicles (such as trucks and airplanes)
: able to be moved

Full Definition of mobile
1: capable of moving or being moved : movable (a mobile missile launcher)
2a: changeable in appearance, mood, or purpose (mobile face)
2b: adaptable, versatile
3: migratory
4a: characterized by the mixing of social groups
4b: having the opportunity for or undergoing a shift in status within the levels of a society (socially mobile workers)
5: marked by the use of vehicles for transportation (mobile warfare)
6: of or relating to a mobile
7: cellular (a mobile phone)[/quote]

Why push this so far? Reliikki got the answer that they were seeking. There’s absolutely no reason to start arguing about this and derailing the thread.

Merriam Websters website didn’t go any more in-depth than the site I got my definition from. Iamfes007 explained them much better!

But how should I know this?) You only quoted short definitions that are indeed the same, so I provided you with much more detailed definitions in case that might help. There wasn’t iamfes’ post yet at that moment.

Oh, you’re right. So please stop derailing the thread by trying to silence me. All my posts were on-topic and I wasn’t arguing with anyone.