Agonizer 9000 and Lasodactyl Loot unreachable


Agonizer 9000 is now dropping loot into the hole he spawns out of which is unreachable, unless I’m missing something. Lasodactyl is also dropping loot “over the edge”.

It just happened 3 times in a row.

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I can confirm on Xbox one. Some if not all the loot is unreachable.

I’ve had this problem for ages. Got to the point I would have to keep track of how many fall in and when that number hits 13 I gotta travel back up to the ship and hit the lost loot box.

I’m having this same issue and for me its the result of a critical kill dropping lootsplosion loot where the boss was standing, which is where lootsplosion will always drop its loot.

Sent gearbox support a ticket explaining this and explaining how to duplicate it and I ■■■■ you not they told me to clear my browser cache and reinstall the game.

I’ve noticed recently (maybe this has been happening for a while but never noticed it until now) that Graveward will send one of his legendaries straight down the map (and perhaps other loot, but I see the legendary star falling down down down into nothingness on the minimap) in the spot where he stands (floats? heh) The rest rains down fine on the platform of course, but that one seems pretty consistent.

Nadlug, thats what support tells everyone, for every issue. Small indie company here. Can’t afford actual tech support.