Agonizer 9000 COULD Save BL3?

If you didn’t know Agonizer 9000 recently got a change of some sort where he no longer drops anything except cosmetics and his dedicated drops. You might think this is stupid and question why would this be a good thing? But Borderlands has always been about farming bosses for dedicated drops And by REMOVING all the world drops from Agonizer 9000 loot pool you no longer need to worry about garbage drops (except the cosmetics) lol. But my point is just imagine if every boss had this concept in mind- they would have a dedicated drop and if it’s a bigger boss maybe give it unique drops like Tyreen never dropping weapons Under purple rarity or Troy only dropping the best anointment like 300 Vs 90% or 150% Rad under 50% hp. If every named enemy had a dedicated drop maybe we wouldn’t need multiple dedicated drops on one boss. And if not give them 1-2 NOT 3-4 that’s just crazy. How am I expected to get the gun, then the element, then the anointment I want when a boss drops 3 different drops and uniques and skins and all that trash?


I think it would be best if all the legendary loot was split between bosses or certain enemies. So you know exactly who/where to farm and don’t get a bunch of other stuff you don’t want.

There is a BL youtuber i believe go by “ZKarma” ? He is very knowledgeable and did the math for anyone in BL3 trying to obtain a certain anointment and element. You will see the % is actually very very low already. (even with the way Agonizer loot pool is working right now, intended or not). So in conclusion, i completely agree that all dedicated loot should drop the same way as Agaonizer is currently functioning. remove all the world drops please…


I disagree about entirely removing world drops. Mob enemies should be the WD loot sources. I still love seeing random Lego’s from badass enemies.

World drops don’t interfere with the chances of a dedicated drop happening; there’s no “crowding”. Typically, a boss will lootsplode a bunch of RNG-generated stuff, and some of that stuff might be legendary items assigned to the world drop pool. In addition (key phrase), the boss has, say, a 10% chance to drop something from its dedicated pool. Again, this is in addition to whatever world drop stuff it spewed out. It’s two separate things going on.


My ONLY request, is that for named enemies to have 100% drop rates. That eliminates one stage of RNG, and still will leave you with <1% chance to get the element/annoint you are wanting.