Agonizer 9000 does not scale loot in M10?

So I was farming for the backburner today, and I noticed that the agonizer 9000 boss does not scale to m10 difficulty in its loot drops.

I found several scourges with damage numbers 7449, 7821, 9776
dictator with 729x3, 694x3
tunguska with 2333x2, 2222

which all seem to be just base level 57 gear… not m10

so does that mean the backburner we have right now with ~18k damage isnt even scaled yet? holy cow… when this gets fixed the backburner will be insane!

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To be honest, NOTHING does scale loot in M10…they totally screwed the drop rate and made it disaster 2.0


No need to be overly dramatic obviously ALOT does scale or drop with the mayhem 10 damage they allowed. For the most part about 70%of guns need a 20-40%dmg boost most of they mayhem 6+guns are perfectly scaled though.

I do hate how there are multiple bosses that drop gear that doesnt scale. They finally gave skull smasher and cocky bastard a drop location from eista but it does not drop at mayhem 10 lvls lol

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Yea, that’s the problem. Really annoying that there’s no any tag on items stating mayhem level. I farmed Cpt Traunt in M10 for 15 hrs or so, get around 4 or 5 goasons and i can’t even tell which one belongs which level. Anointed ones have higher score but unanointed ones are better in all aspects.

I mean, poor drop rate is one thing. But telling my loots from crap are a nightmare, too…

I have heard that drops from Agonizer are technically chest drops from Pain And Terror and thus do not scale to M10.

Antagonizer drops are definitely on the low end. I wonder if that means the Backburner will be OP when it starts to drop at a scaled level, or if this is the top tier. It seems a bit…underwhelming if it doesn’t get a boost.

On the other hand, it’s a great weapon for griefing your friends, since like the Jericho, it will damage other players. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature…maybe help your buddy trigger their Elemental Projector? :wink:

Garbagelands 3

I heard if you play through the mission and actually kill pain/terror it will scale however reruns of the boss do not scale at the moment.

I have a back burner at 32k that someone got running through the story

damn! thats great to hear.
I already think the gun is amazing, with double damage it will be insane!

guess I have to resrt tvhm then and do the old save quit to farm it…

or you know… just wait and play borderlands again when it is playable and is not full of hot garbage as it is right now.

I’d not count too much on this, his loot no matter when you kill him is considered chest drop and chests are not scaled to M10, until chests are fixed, or Agonizer is changed he won’t drop M10 loot
my guess is that whoever claims that got M10 version of his rocket launcher in some mysterious not confirmed way, just used editor to fix it

The MH 10 loot would only come from the story when you kill Pain & Terror–so it’s a one time thing. You’d either need to get really lucky in your one shot or save/quit at the nearest save point, make a back up save, play the story, and if you don’t get a drop, reload your backup. Once you move on from the story mission and re-farm the Agonizer 9000, you cannot currently get drops beyond normal level 57.

If that’s correct, which I still find hard to believe, then it’s another thing that’s broken more than I thought.

yep, it works though, I have m10 backburner now, I got them through the stroy and savegame quitting after every kill and copy pasting my save over and over again…

the gun is amazing on m10, its my new favorite toy and I like the flavor of the gun.

Yah it’s pretty awesome lol, and I was testing the gun too before I realized aggy wasn’t dropping mayhem loot. Btw probably a great add the the clone/tier list. Notably, it’s projectiles work like the jericho, so it will actually damage you, OR give your clone a shock one, and live forever. Also singularities are good cc.

basically exactly what I wrote on my tier list thread :smiley:
I love it for all the reason you mentioned, and I am doing exactly that for my build right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen my clone hitting 5 mil with this thing already

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yah it’s one hell of a weapon, I can’t wait until phase 2! maybe we’ll finally get some clone support with class mods.

Still doesn’t scale properly to this day…

well they already adressed the issue, they said they are working on a fix, but dont know exactly how to fix it right now.

Probably some issue with the games code and chests not beeing able to scale for m10 gear.

why they dont just change agonizer drops to be a normal mob instead of a chest is beyond me though

No because he is a chest. The only way to get stuff from him is to
Save exploit and redo the campaign and kill penn n teller.

I wont do it so im not ever seeing the backberner