Agonizer 9000 doesn't drop backburner anymore

Alright, after latest update which was June 26, 2020 i noticed something about agonizer 9000. Before update, i was farming backburner from him and pretty much got it like pretty often.

Now after this Bounty of Blood update, i’ve tried to refarm new level 60 backburner from him and guess what? I’ve got nothing from him. No lying if i told you that iv’e killed him already like over 300 times and got not a single backburner from him? is it bugged now or what happened? I’m farming at Mayhem 10 and always been. I’m trying to ask help if anyone else is experiencing same issue as i am? or did my luck just drop like 9000000% suddenly like nothing happened? o.O

I’m sure of that something changed after latest hotfix. Did they forgot to add this weapon at droplist or did they reduced drop rate? I’m so confused…

I’ve gotten some lvl 60’s from him. PS4. Seems odd you haven’t had any drop.

Oh and forgot to mention that my platform is PC. :smiley:

I am on PC and the Backburner dropped. Though it did took longer than usual to get a drop. Also, has Agonizer 9000 always dropped the Damned? It dropped a few times for me and don’t remember seeing it after the last update to Agonizer 9000.

Hmm, i’m not sure. I’ve got damned wep too planty of times but i don’t remember did it also drop before or after last update. Sorry.

I farmed Backburners on the 25th (Xbox) and the drop rate was comparable to before the update. I have not farmed since the small hotfix on Friday the 26th that addresses IB and maybe something else.

Damned has been part of his dedicated pool for as long as I remember.

does he still only drop cosmetic and room decos as well ? lol

yea Damned is part of his dedicated loot pool…

That’s all i got

I hate this borderlands version of rng cuz it sucks enough when ya finalky see it. Anoints… Blah

Forget about parts be happy you see the gun.

Took me 60 kills to get one, then 30 to get a second. Both Incendiary which I do not want. Filling in a lot of room accessories, heads and skins that I did not have before. It’s a decent consolation prize.

Still horrible drop rate @ level cap 65. 3 per 100 kills. And I’ve gotten 7 Shock in a row, now that I NEED the Incendiary. LOL.

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Hey, r u on PS4? If so, I have a L65 M10 fire Backburner with ASE 200 Splash. I REALLY need a shock version with IB 160 Splash or IB 125 fire dmg!! PSN: bigpurp70

Do you play on PS4? I have been farming for the shock version but I got everything but that. If you are willing we can trade. Please help. Been trying for 3 days and killed him more than 100 times.

Whoever has a lvl65 mayhem 10 Shock Backburner willing to part with or trade with another Backburner with any other element please let me know. PSN name RemielLoh. Please please please.

I’ve got a shock version with ASE 200 Splash. LF a corro or rad version with same anoint or, even better, IB 160 splash or IB 125 fire. Check out my shop: The Anointed Armory

The rads I have is

  • Action skill active deal nova damage
  • terrified deal 75%cryo
  • after phasecast 250%
  • consecutive hits
  • terrified increase damage and fire rate.

The cor i have is

  • terrified reduce incoming damage
  • SNTL gain life steal
  • digi clone swap gets 130%
  • ASE 2 mag 100% cryo
  • barrier increase 50% chance status effect
  • ASE 100% dmg
  • Terrified health regen

You can pick 3 from any of those for that shock Backburner. I also have inc and cryo ones as well.