Agonizer 9000 Drops Bugged?

I haven’t played in a while, so I may be missing some info, but is something wrong with Agonizer 9000’s drops? I have been farming it on Mayhem 10, and all I get are skins, heads, and trinkets.

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ya bugged

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Not at all I have farmed him for 1 1/2 days now and have gotten Backburners galore. Go watch zKarma’s video on him.

all been getting and many others the same results, are 2-3 skins each kill and maybe 1 or if your lucky 2 leg drop per kill. sometimes nothing at all.

Thanks, all. I finally got a Backburner to drop, and it’s a pretty good corrosive one–annointed with additional frost. Now I’m able to drop A9000 quickly before it can go into the ammo break.

Same. Drops a lot of eridium and couple of skins. Sometimes drops one or two legendary guns or artifacts.

I get the odd Legendary weapon but the rest are cosmetics, eridium and cash. I haven’t gotten a single relic to drop which is annoying because it’s supposed to drop the White Elephant as a dedicated drop.

80+ runs and the best drop I got is a single EM-P5. In 80+ kills just a single legendary drop that wasn’t a skin.