Agonizer 9000 "fixed?" now farming is even worser

Hey there,

thanks to the patch Agonizer doesnt worth farming anymore. Before the patch u got some fine m10 stuff with savefiles. Now they told they fixed the issue but i did now like 20 runs and i have to say… f… this. A Lot of Legs still fall into the pit and the rest is mostly just skins. i got max 1-3 legs per run and even 3 are skins or most of the time 2 and one other legendary. How do they fixed agonizer ? Its now even worse than before. Or is it just me and im super unlucky ?


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similar issues, nothing but skins and heads and one artifact. fix one thing to break 10 other things

Actually I think this one was intentional and personal I like it! He does not drop any world drop guns or shields he will only drop dedicated loot. As well as skins and decorations