Agonizer 9000 giving duplicate loot on splitscreen

Getting exact duplicates on splitscreen cooperation, only on this boss; same drops, same exact stat rolls on each of the drops. Not happening on other bosses. Tried on Mayhem 1,3 and 4. Even the ammo boxes just outside are functioning properly, got a grenade mod on one character and in its place was a shield on the other, but the boss itself is 100% duplicated loot pool every time. (also not sure if this is ps4 specific but that’s what I’m on)

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The loot is duplicate quite often in splitscreen and multiplayer when the loot is instanced; until its not - some dont realize this and im sure it leaves others out of some decent items.

Ive made a habbit of flipping decent items that will be of no use to me in multiplayer sessions incase its of use to them;

100% still happening, on xbox as well.

Yeah this isn’t a “quite often” thing; it’s 100% on this boss over way too many runs and not at all elsewhere.

Is this the forum where the devs would look at this as a bug report? If not where would I report this as a bug? Even if it’s only happening to some players…

Any time I play with my girlfriend we get 2/3 of the same loot from every boss. Me and a friend played the takedown a few weeks ago and everytime the only loot we got that wasn’t the same dropped from the kraken units that spawn in Wotan’s final shield phase. Wotan, his wife and their brain all dropped the same gear for 2 different players 4 times in a row, now wtf why didn’t we just solo it and trade gear afterwards? Obviously we didn’t save time.

Ever watched Beetlejuice? I believe purgatory is where our tickets go.

For a large amount of them I’d expect this is true;
@Alistairetheblu - bug reports are to be sent to


Friends finally complete the Take Down on M4, only to have a lot of duplicate items, and of course none of them good. Why can’t the redistributor be duplicated? But no, it’s Woodblocks, Lobs, and ASMDs for days.

More RNG in our favor would be great. Instead it often feels like a punch to the gut. Find the drop you’re looking for, but it’s level 49, or unanointed or has a bad anoint .

Putting some logical controls on what can roll on an item would go a long ways towards removing “bad drops”. Or, just make the anoints apply if they are equipped, regardless if they are your current weapon. Makes that Infinity with ASE reload speed a bit more useful.