Agonizer 9000 loot fall through floor

After I kill the agonizer 9000, my loot has been falling through the hole where it pops up out of. How do I report this to gearbox for fixing?

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Are you playing on Mayhem mode, perhaps either with the modifiers “Galaxy brain” or “lootsplosion”?

Galaxy Brain in particular is pretty imfamous for causing some bosses to throw their loot in the wrong spot because normally, Agonizer should leave all drops in the same spot.

Lootsplosion just throws extra loot and doesn’t care where it lands.

It must be from lootsplosion, I didn’t even think of that. It started happening when farming in M10. Thanks for the help here.

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Yes. It is the modifier Lootsplosion. It happened to me back then. Just do not use it when farming some bosses.

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