Agonizer 9000 loot issues

So i’ve been farming Agonizer 9000 for over an hour and i see every time he dies, the loot drops:
-half in the arena right near the wall and

  • half is thrown above the fence near the spectators where I cant reach
    If you guys have a chance to take a look and maybe reduce the loot drop radius would be really helpfull.
    Thank you.

I’m having the same issue. I was looking around for someone else experiencing this, but was surprised by how few mentions it anywhere. I read on borderlands wikia that occasionally loot lands outside the arena, but for me it happens 9/10 times, sometimes with up to four legendary items landing outside the arena.

Is this a PS4 issue only?

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Same here. PS4 , annoying , please fix it

I did find a durable work-around. It’s not 100% perfect but it does lose significantly less loot. You need to take him to 10% armor health, let him do his commercial break and then make sure you stand by the entrance/exit door (marked by green luminescent bars) by the time he comes back up. Kill him when he faces you and not before. The loot will hit a flat podium area that blocks the loot from falling outside the area.

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Thanks. Works ok most of the time, only thing left is to get lucky for an M10 backburner which unfortunatly is not scale to M10 …at the moment :smile:.

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How come its not fixed yet?

I’m not having the loot land outside the arena but fall down his hole underneath the map.

Still not fixed.