Agonizer 9000 Pain's voice

Lately while farming Agonizer 9000, Pain’s voice has been very low and slow, like it’s playing at half speed. Anyone else experiencing this?

Nope, not on XB1 at any rate. What platform are you on?

Yup , happens to me occasionally , XB1.

Base or XB1X model?

When I defeat Troy on Xbox1x the follow on conversation has huge lip sync issues like plus one second or more. But since Agonizer isn’t a lip sync thing, mine seems a constant volume. Anyone else have the lip sync issue?

I play on PC.

It’s like this since November or something.

PS4, I get the lip sync issue after this fight as well. Same severity, 1+ second off.

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On my most recent play-through, yes. About the same 1s lag as well.

I have never had the lip sync problem there. But every single time I beat Troy I have it.

The sound FX in game are top notch, the coding implemented in the game for them seems to have sound overload issues at time. The problem is amplified in multiplayer where sometimes we have to re-form groups. What we noticed as well is usually when it starts to happen in multiplayer there is a good chance about 30min-1hr later someone will blue screen.

XB1S is what I am on

I am on PS4 and the lip sync issue after defeating Troy exists on our platform as well.