Agonizer 9000 still bugged (title fixed)

So it appears that the solution to underl-leveled drops was to just not have him drop anything.

In three runs, (Xbox, M10, split-screen), I’ve gotten a total of 6 purples: 2 were the unique aggy 1500, 2 were random guns, 2 were God-King’s Bling trinkets.

Really? It was better before the “fix”, at least he was dropping legendary items.

Is anyone else having luck on M10? I get that RNG is RNG, but not getting a single legendary item? Only getting 1 purple per run?


Xbox, m10, split-screen:
Run and drops

  1. x2 Agonizer 1500
  2. x2 random purple guns
  3. x2 God King’s Bling cosmetic (a few green and 1 blue gun)
  4. x4 blue cosmetics
  5. x2 Legendary…weapon skins (Nebula)
  6. x2 Agonizer 1500, x2 Just in Case, x2 Clear Plastic, 3 green guns.
  7. x2 “Who Needs Gods”, x2 “Black Eye”, x2 “Mouthpiece Mask”
  8. x2 “Psycho Buzzaxe”, x2 “Deep Nebula”, x2 “Bird Collar”, x2 “Creature of the Night”.
  9. x10 freaking cosmetics (2x 5 different items). Not even going to bother listing this crap out.
  10. x4 cosmetics, x2 artifacts, x2 Aggy 1500, and some crap (probably more cosmetics) that fell into the pit. Way to Go.
  11. x12 cosmetics and freaking x2 Storming GLORIOUS Backburner, because yeah, finally one dropped.

This is stupid.

Same, I’m only getting cosmetics from him, and any weapon that does drop, falls into the hole in the middle of the arena

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I’m getting more weapons from the random spawns than I have from the boss. Blistering Incompetence.


I have done about 20 runs. And not a single world drop legendary. Not even any world drop weapon. But I did get 3 Backburner, 1 Crader’s EM-P5, 3 Agonizer 1500, 1 Damned and 2 Loaded Dice. Also a lot of cosmetics. Lots of cash and erridium. Seems to only drop the dedicated loot. But happy with this Backburner though :+1:image


I finally got one after 11 runs, well two, since I’m running split-screen co-op. But yours, that’s a thing of beauty that brings a tear to my eye.

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Definitely still bugged. Sometimes not dropping anything but cash and eridium for me.

Aaaand next run all I got was one blue trinket, plus cash and eridium.

Another dozen or so runs, mostly cosmetic crap, with some Damned dropping 4 times, 1 emp-5 crater thing.

Then a freeze and crash to dashboard. Calling it a night. Thanks for nothing GBX, you once again amazed me with your underwhelming “fixes” and “improvements”.

Pick two:
Fun, options, agency, stability, balance, QOL, fulfillment

Then just toss those choices in the garbage, because you’re not getting any of them.

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Wow sounds like people are not getting a lot of Legendary loot from Agonizer 9000 after the most recent patch. Could it mean Gearbox is turning the players toward focusing less on grinding for legendaries; and instead focusing on long term sustainable gameplay and looking for purples and blues as “good” drops? Like it was in the original Borderlands game?
Something has to give in this Legendary power creep problem and it’s probably going to have to be players expectations. IF you demand a legendary or 5 from every “farm” then the game quickly dies.

I did 10 Mayhem 10 runs and got 2 Mayhem 10 Backburners, 5 EM-P5s, 2 Damneds, and a Loaded Dice. No non-cosmetic legendary world drops.

I’m glad they fixed Backburners to drop at the appropriate Mayhem level. The lack of non-cosmetic legendary world drops is concerning.

I’ve now done over 300 runs on him and yeah, he is definitely bugged. They have stripped his entire loot pool to only include 4 weapons, artifacts and cosmetics. I guess you can look at this as either good or bad really. On the one hand, you aren’t getting a whole bunch of useless trash drops and you will know a lot easier when you get the Backburners as they are far easier to see. On the other hand, you aren’t getting a whole bunch of other items that you may actually use, especially considering the Backburner’s drop rate is probably around 2-5% or so…

Had around 5 backburners drop in under 10 runs. Definitely not bugged. It seems however that he is only dropping skins, heads and the backburner. Fine by me!

Yea, it’s not bad for me either. I did about 20 - 30 runs and got about 12 backburners, much better drop rate than previously on Traunt or killavolt.

He even dropped two backburners at once lol

It is pure RNG. I didn’t get my first Backburner until after nearly 50 runs. It wasn’t until around the 200 run point that I got 4 Backburners in a row. With all the runs I’ve done I’ve calculated it out to be around a 2-5% drop rate, but of course you can be extremely unlucky like I was to begin with, or you can be extremely lucky like some of you have been. Sadly, that’s RNG for you.

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Still trying to get a single shock one. I can only imagine the amount of runs it might take to finally get a shock one with SNTNL100. Lol.

Yall are going to hate me but i got about 10 backburners from about 20 kills and 2 of those times it dropped 2 at once… all on M10

I gave up after about 350 runs. I got a number of Backburners, only 2 with the SNTNL100 annoint I want, but finally got a single shock Backburner with crap annoint and decided that was enough. It has gotten far too tedious.

No, it’s just lack of testing. An hour of testing by one of their employees (instead of the unpaid mass of customers) would have revealed this issue.

Also, they would not be buffing other legendaries if they wanted to push people to using blues and purples. They would have buffed those to bring them in line with the top tier legendaries (with the appropriate adjustments due to parts).

Nice try, but no, THIS game is all about grinding for the best legendaries and anoints. Blues and purples aren’t even worth looking at (except maybe 1-shotter and maddening trackers). Other places drop legendaries just fine. This is a screwup, plain and simple.

Ive gotten all cosmetic items from agonizer 9000…

No other drops.

I saw 1 weapon once but it could have come from a midget. It was a damned.

Im at m10