Agonizer Drops in Pit?

So what changed with Agonizer that some, or in my most recent run all, of the drops instead of exploding out of him more or less fall out of him and wind up inaccessible in the pit (and yes I know about the lost loot machine but that is gonna fill up fast at this rate)


What system are you on? Im farming him right now but haven’t had that issue. Im on xbox btw.

XBox. One 4 of my 5 runs he has dribbles at least part of his drops out and they have fallen into the pit. I thought maybe changing him from a chest to an enemy changed the loot “explosion” velocity.

When he dies for me he always falls to the right of falling down where he’s at and the loot shoots onto the floor. Never had anything fall into the pit.

I just farmed him for a while and it happened to me too (I’m on PS4). I only noticed it once I activated Mayhem, but that could be a coincidence.

Most of the loot actually falls where it should, but a small amount drops in the pit (not only did I see it, but the legendary minimap indicator actually pointed out that something had fallen inside that void). Perhaps it could also have something to do with the Galaxy Brain modifier?

noticed the same issue with agonizer. i’m playing on ps4. often his Drops directly fall into the pit

Ok, so I am not alone . This has to have something to do with whatever change they made to make him not a chest because it never happened before.

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Yep I’m having the same issue plus he the only legendary gun he drops is the dammed the rest are usually cosmetics
I’m so sick and tired of this game

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PS4 yes the drops fall into the pit, the slump of the wreck seems to happen faster so the lootsplosion is still going on as it falls.

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This is another log to throw on the “do they test this” fire.

Either they made the change to him and didn’t test it or they did and said “oh well, Lost Loot Machine”.

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I actually watched it today and the loot started spooling out, then the wreck slid into the pit, still fountaining out cash in a graceful arc. Then I heard the “Ting” of a legendary but sure enough there it was below the map.

In fact it was still falling and eventually vanished into the deep.

Happening to me now too. Never did before. Farmed him once before since M2.0 first patch and it didnt happen but this is the first time back and so far 3/4 runs at least one legendary hit the pit. Just waiting til pit drops are closer to max to go to Lost Loot so I dont have to run through the Guts more then needed.

Made 11 runs; 2 had no legendaries, 2 had only cosmetic legendaries, 7 total legendaries dropped into the center pit, and then the game froze and crashed.

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i just farmed him twice at M10 and got 4 legendary room decorations. Way too much work for that.