Agonizer drops nothing but cosmetics 80% of the time now

O.o so I guess the drop rate issues from when I quit playing over a month ago are still prevalent to the point of frustration? Nice…

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Update was horrible and the nerfs to these guns make them fell terrible


Yea just like I figured I can’t tell any difference between 12500 and 10k. It’s just so enormous that you either have the dps or you don’t. Nothing that was bad before is any better now as far as I can tell sadly :frowning:

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Need to get that bonus melee hit with the ripper… lmao


If I remember correctly, the Agonizer was mainly (not completely) a cosmetic farm in the beginning, same thing with Indo Tyrant, and it would seem so is the Wendigo.

Maybe it’s finally ‘fixed’?

Agonizer was a artifact farm. Besides white elephant.

Mayhem made it garbage and worthless to go back to.

Does it even drop mayhem 2.0 lvl’d backberners? Everytime they say theyre fixing something ive been betrayed with details here on the forums with similar user experiences on something else not breaking or working.

Im thinking i gotta wait till the dlc… I do wanna demolish the guardian takedown just for myself n say it was crap… Heh…

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It def drops mayhem 10 stuff. Gotten a select few emp5’s and backberners so far. None with good anoints (surprise, surprise) but they are pretty stingy. 2.5 hours and I’m already remembering why I just don’t play this game anymore, not that I’d really forgotten but yea


I think getting an electric backberner is gonna be my perogative. Ima launcher the whole takedown.

Get a cutpurse launchpad and nuke the planet.

I had a 9500x? 100% weapom dmg ase Sandhawk normal selfbuffs i can get 1 mil crit. I wonder what it does now.