Agonizer issues

So I’ve been good around hunting new weapons for a new Zane build and decided to go by The Agonizer for a new backburner. I’m disappointed they fixed it so it does have world drops now - it felt better to me - however today there’s a new issue I’ve had with it

Legendaries burst from the agonizer because of lootspolsion. And they drop down the hole. Every time I kill him, I get 1-3 legendaries fall down the hole.

Now I went and checked my lost loot and it looks like it’s just world drop items that explode from him. And the obvious thing would be ‘turn off lootsplosion’ but honestly? It’s nice to hunt for something and get a chance of more loot that I may use.

For example - I collect Jackhammers. When the game first came out and anointments were super rare (and it was a world drop) I farmed two months for an anointed Jackhammer.

So having the lootsplosion lets me build my Jackhammer collection (Currently sitting at a healthy 138 btw!).

And also - a lot can drop down that hole. I had five drop down there and when I’m farming for a backburner, I don’t really want to stop every five minutes and go back to Sanctuary to check for potential loot.

Anyone else had this issue? I haven’t tested it without lootsplosion (I like exploding shinies).

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Lootsplosion is only world drops. You won’t loose a BB to the hole when farming.

That’s good. But still, there maybe Jackhammers down that hole.

Joking aside (Am i joking? >.>) there could still be potentially usable weapons down there or artefacts. Not sure how they’d fix it but figured to bring it up anyway ^^

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Honestly don’t know there might be for me too. But I play on competition so lost loot dont matter.