Agonizer Question

Does destroying the critspots do anything other than just taking away a crit spot? Like, it’s part of his machinery and it seems like destroying a gas tank or a fuse box should do something but I didn’t really notice anything in several hours of farming him (I really wish another boss dropped the EM-P5 or you wouldn’t have to do it on M4. Yes, I know you can also get it from Wotan but I’m not good enough to solo the Takedown and I’m not doing team runs. But the Agonizer is just really annoying, especially since it can just one-hit your clone). It just seems like you are losing out on a crit spot, making him even slower to kill than he would be otherwise and that doesn’t really feel like good design. I mean, it could make it so he can do certain attacks less often or not at all, or make them less powerful.

I don’t think it does anything. Maybe he can’t do some attacts if you destroy certain part? I never tested it, cause this boss is really easy.
If you have problems farming him on M4 just use corrosive Cutsman.

Thanks for the tip about the Cutsman. I went to get one and holy… I knew it was good, but I didn’t imagine it to melt him quite as fast as it does so I originally didn’t think it was worth travelling back to Sanctuary and having to run through the whole guts of Carnivora map again…

They take away his attacks. The one under the arm is for the big mallet attack that puts you into FfyL and the tank on his back is for the flames that come out of the floor and so on, if you destroy them all I think he can only do the chainsaw and the sawblades one.


That’s a great insight. I’ve killed him many times and I don’t think I ever made that connection.

That’s what I thought originally but sadly it doesn’t seem to do that. The tank on his back is always one of the first things to get destroyed but he continues to do the flames.

One of the better designed bosses,…

Yes… but highly allergic to corrosive Cutsmans. Mwahahaha

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Jackbot is too, I tried to give him some Zyrtec but it just did’t ‘cut’ it,…

ok ok bad joke…


Yea, it seems to not work every time or it is for another attack but if you destroy them all it certainly takes attacks away.

From my memory:

  • On the chest
  • On the side of the head
  • near his armpit
  • the tank on its back
  • Its eyes (this doesn’t seem to do anything?)

Edit: @jmthsauer I can’t say this a 100% for sure but it seems that when you destroy the tank first it messes things up, maybe try the one under the arm then the one on the head, then the tank etc. this seems to work for me.

If you are a siren with a driver and an elemental projector just use acid and an acid cutsman and SPAM the cutsman! And keep moving!! :yum:

Small update:

I just beat him myself on M4 and I think this is actually bugged or something.

If you destroy the canisters he does lose his attacks but for some reason regains them in the 3th phase. This doesn’t happen on lower difficulties.

If I had to guess: It’s because of his ridiculous health pool on M4. You see if you destroy only the canisters (no Mayhem) then the damage exactly equals his yellow health bar, but on Mayhem 4 this is only 1/6 of it…

Also why do you get one shotted when the walls come up directly underneath you? Took me 5 tries just because this random nonsense.

That one didn’t happen to me once but maybe that’s because with Zane I’m somewhat conditioned to pretty much always side-strafe or move in some other way to keep my damage from violent momentum.

Funny, because I walk right into the wrong spot at the wrong time… I actually have to stay exactly where I am or I will die at some point into the fight because of it.

Just so you know you can run thru it literally skipping all mobs done it before a few times lol quiet easy even on m4

Yeah, I actually did this after going back to get my cutsman. I just was a little traumatized from my first go because it really took me ages to fight through the map. My build isn’t all that optimized for M4 tbh, but I’m having fun.

Yeah most of my builds are mayhem 4 ok lol like a rak attack crit sniping build for fl4k using raks for up close and buffing but mostly focused on sniping using the new dlc com but also choosing one that buffs splash damage for my raks and a relic that buffs snipers and crit damage works well but a bit slow but I like sniping so fl4k it lol