Agonizing stuff/Improvements

What do you DONT like in BL games and/or like to see in new BL game?

1 thing i realy dont like/and understand is that you CANT save the game at any time/moment you want.Most games who are older then the pre-sequel you can save/reload at any time,WWHHHYYYYYY NOT with the BL games i dont understand,its also dubble Agonizing because lots of time you DIE because its unclear that you Can or Can NOT jump to some aria,and then you Die and have to start al over again,whit a High change that enemys have respawn and you have to kill/fight through it AGAIN…AAAHHGGGGRRRRR

Actually in BL2 and TPS you can - go to your inventory and turn BAR off (or on if you normally play with it off). Then go back into your inventory and toggle back to your normal setting. You have now triggered a save!

Unless you are very slow and/or respawn a long way off, they shouldn’t respawn just like that (there’s a timer for that, not sure of the duration). If they’re at low health, they’ll usually be back at full health, which can be a pain. Look on the bright side though: it’s not like HALO games where you have to re-kill every single enemy that you already killed since the last save point (which are much less frequent)!

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yeh,its not THAT bad(the respawn)mostly indeed they dont,but sometimes they do,but you have to search for so many things and then i dont know if i can jump to some place and when i do i DIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and cant just reload and try again

sound complecated:thinking::crazy_face:,sorry i am oldfashion i guess(i dont even have smartphone and apps stuff)so, i prob.need easy save and reload stuf,like in Far Cry or FO…but thanks for info

1 thing i ALSO dont like-and this i see with lots of games-is that when you can get improvements-like the Caracter tree stuff,it takes forever to get them,and basicly(omg i said basicly):thinking:when you get the cool stuf-like the extended Melle punch(with Wilhelm the Enforcer)the game is over/finished/at the end,so its only for use when you go for second playthrough,but mostly i dont do that,it realy takes for ever to get the cool stuf,so would be more fun to get them early in the game

What? Are you sure you play Borderlands games? There is no such actions in BL.

Yeah, very late to obtain, like level 14.

well i just FINALy got to Claptrap in Tycho`s Ribs-after trying to jump around the all to get ther,and DIEEEE,but i saw you had to jump from distance with jumppad,BUT after talking to CPT and getting the quest,i"wanted"to jump to the side of the room to the armor chest,but suddenly i had no jumping power,so i fell into the stupid hole/slot/groove in the ground,who ever created this Layout they should-:face_with_raised_eyebrow::persevere::rage:…ehh Well…HMMMMMMPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…ps same as in Veins of Helios,if you jump the wrong way,or sometimes-i CANT slam down while airborne-which result in DIEEING AGAIN,even if you lucky to land on something,changes are your out of air and still die,so i dont know what game you played,but this really sucks and its really TPS game

Just a word of caution: don’t push your direction controls while in the air when using jump pads. The jump pad will land you exactly where you need to be unless you’re trying to steer it…

AhhhhHAHAAA :blyoohoo:THANKS,i try that