Ahab Pimpernel Question

So, I like to use the pimpernel trick on sal just to have some fun and kill bosses with ease. However I noticed there are some different weapons that you can do it with. Does anybody else know some cool weapons you can do it with besides these?

  • Flakker
  • Pimernel (duh)
  • Pretty much any rocket launcher (the side gun).

I like using the flakker a lot but I wanna try something new :smiley:

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The sawbar works too if I remember.

The thing is an error in coding so very few guns will work.

a lady fist?

The gun needs to have secondary projectiles that take their cues from the main hand gun. AFAIK only the Pimp and Sawbar work.

The other gun is just there for its high card damage and the fact that you can remain empty even while gunzerking ( as RL ammo doesn’t regen)

The Lady fist is at its best with a Grog Nozzle as it confers a different crit bonus type, effectively multiplying the fist’s bonus.

So does the flaker not work. Also to the OP instead of the Ahab may I suggest the creamer since it’s a moxxie

I’ve been playing around with this myself, lately:

thought about elemental matching for the pimp/RL exploit. It was fun. still needs testing…

here is how I was able to beat the ancient dragons of destruction on OP8. so hard…I ended up looking up how to beat them on youtube, as I was having difficulties. LOL I found a vid by Joltzdude139 on how to kill them. I didn’t fair so well. This was my 2nd successful run out of about 8. When I saw that the blockade dropped, I picked it up and moved on. They are very challenging, at least for me. But this vid showcases the DPUH/Grog/Ladies Fist exploit. Since you asked…:smile:

Edit: I ended up turning my BAR on after about my 5th death in a row. LOL I needed help…

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The Creamer works, and you get the health recovery, but it’s lower maximum mag size limits the damage. See here for some details (used to be a much more detailed post on this, but I can’t find it right now) - click down to the “Offhand Glitch” entry:

Pretty much what Chuck said. Secondary projectiles on the firing weapon, high base damage on the primary which will be limited to a RL since the ammo will not regenerate.

I have read his guide also I use the creamer and can still easily solo all the raids.

Yeah a creamer flakker is a great combination (also confirming yes the flakker works. I find better than the pimpernel). The high damage and healing is a good for raids

Thank you for confirming the flaker works also yes the creamer is great for raids since they health gate you a lot.

Just tried it out and turns out it works fine. Thanks bro!