AI adjustments?

This isn’t multiplayer per se, But it has to do with multiplayer modes. It feels like the AI in my private incursion matches are vastly different than before… not sure if that was intentional or if it’s a side effect of the latest rebalance…,

But it still feels like the idiot AIs are on my team and the good ones are on the other… I mean literally I can see the exact same character go insane with kills on the enemy team and the same AI on my team is stuck on walls, or had the worst k/d ever… what gives?

Maybe they are not the same AI. The same character, but different AI behaviour/settings.

I play with “unique chars” turned off and had a couple of the same characters in my team a few times. They play differently, sometimes very much - one carries the team, another one guards the respawn)))

They changed the AI in a patch recently I believe. But as this guy ^ said, they seem to take on different roles. I’ve had Ambra with high kills and low heals, and vice versa, in the same match

I had one with 2 mikos on my team vs two boldurs on capture. they would chain kill the mikos and lose the points faster than i could cap them. if i were you i’d only do meltdown, you have more control over the outcome in there since you can destroy whatever they’re lettign through and you dont have to be in 3 spots at once