AI Attacking Salvaged Ships

“Ok, I know you’re confused. No, wait… stop! STOP IT!!! It’s our ship now!!! STOP YOU STUPID ■■■■■!!!”

That’s me. Talking to my own interceptors. Third mission, I’m returning to Kharak. My strategy in the original was always to use salvage corvettes to hijack the enemy corvettes. Both of them, so I can get a free ship out of them. I used to do this all the time with Ion Frigates and what not in order to bolster my fleet for free. In the RC, my interceptors are fighting me in my efforts.

They’ll literally fire upon the ship as my salvage corvettes haul it into the bay. Hell, even when the salvage corvettes let go and it’s being tractored into the bay… my interceptors are still firing upon it… inside the mothership!!!

Not only is this annoying since they could potentially destroy the ship I would rather capture, but it’s a waste of time as they should be attacking real threats instead of enemy ships that are no threat.

I recognize what you’re trying to do with this pro-active AI but it’s changing the dynamic of the game in so many bad ways. Formations are useless and fall apart once an enemy is in range. Aggressive and Defensive seem to be indistinguishable whereas they used to be distinct. I used to have to tell units to attack but now I have to run around making sure they don’t attack. What was wrong with Aggressive, Neutral, and Defensive tactics? Passive is ambiguous and Defensive seems too much like Aggressive with no real delineation between the two.

When I choose Aggressive and select a target, I want units to attack that specific target ignoring others. If I choose Defensive and select one of my own units, I want them to stay in range of that unit and keep all enemies from attacking it. And please fix the formations! I’m supposed to be Fleet Command, not Fleet Suggestions.


I continuously have this same problem. My fleet is destroying the captured vessels faster than I can capture them. Even large targets like destroyers and heavy cruisers are blown up even when the fleet is set to “Passive” and told to “move the hell away!” When salvage corvettes have captured a vessel, “Passive” vessels should NOT be firing upon them!