AI Cheating garbage

What is up with the ai cheating?

Your lost legion warriors walk into walls recharge there shield and come back out again. All the while i can do not damage because they are inside the wall or ceiling.

What kind of bs is that? Is this what i should expect from borderlands 3? To make it harder you just plain cheat?

The disable the laser area is pure crap, filled with ai enemies that constantly walk into walls when they are almost dead, its pure junk and makes me want to uninstall your game.

Up to this point i was enjoying borderlands until your ai just blatantly started cheating. You will get no pre order from me wirh this kinda bs going on. I really enjoyed borderlands 2 and up until now the pre-sequel. But suddenly the ai cheating has turned the game into fustrating nonsense.

Please tell you fixed this crap and we will see none of this in borderlands 3.

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Honestly not had the same issues you appear to be having with that section of the map. That said, you do realise that TPS was made by a different studio (2K Aus) and not Gearbox, yes?


Never had an issue with this(i mean it happens, but not often enough to be a big deal). If they wanna hide and recharge there shield you could always do the same


Or try a singularity grenade to pull them out? (Preferably shock)


it sounds like you’re directing this towards gearbox and 2k Australia… you know if you actually want to send a complaint to them, you should do it directly instead of making a forum post?


I think there is a legitimate problem here, and that problem could be solved by a better age verification system.


they had us in the first half, not gonna lie

If they have enough time to escape into a wall before you murder them, you’re not doing it right.