AI in Multiplayer

When i was playing meltdown and Incursion the bots seemed a little glitchy. after a minute or two someone would get stuck hugging a wall. I would push them out a few feet and they just went back in the wall. happened pretty much every match i played offline, would happen to usually 1 on each team.

There favorite place on Incursion (Overgrowth) is next to the center Thrall outpost, although they can get stuck behind a small shard. This is something the community has pointed out in the early access. I think they didn’t had time to fix it for the Open Beta.

I think its a bug with AI not properly teleporting. As soon as they are at low health they want to return to base, but instead of teleporting they run alllllllll the way back. Then they get stuck behind some common places. Like the big wall that they cant run up against. If you kill them you see on your score display, killed a Battleborn that was teleporting.

ive seen that before and them getting stuck on the base wall as well. as long as they know though that’s good :slight_smile: sure they have their hands full.