AI mode coming back?

Will the online co-op mode versus AI battleborn ever come back? It’s easily my favorite mode, and it’s a slightly less annoying way to get Lore challenges

…We need bots everywhere, let them help with solo Story. :acmaffirmative:

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100 revives in 1 game confirmed.

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  1. They are looking into making it a permanent mode, mainly they said they were going to change the AI or difficulty.

  2. They are looking at what lores, titles, and challenges are going to be able to be unlocked in this mode. Essentially they need to figure out how far bots battle will go.

  3. Not to hate on the strong PvE community, GBX has shown they want to prioritize the PvP aspect of the game. They have to figure out how to incorporate bots battle as to not hurt the rest of the PvP.

  4. Finally, it may just be a rotating mode, sort of like what they do with Chaos Rumble. I don’t think we have seen the last of Bots Battle

  1. I’m down for permanence and for AI improvements. I just wish there were a way to earn Lore challenges for it. I know that’s offensive to some people but it feels like a wall to gear that’s only accessible to the best players… which just further ostracizes PvE players who might otherwise get more into pvp

3.i like pvp I just suck at it which means I’ll basically never finish my Lore challenges which sucks. So yeah an alternative way to get the challenges would be great

  1. Ok whatever, at least it will come back