AI need adjustment

i think gamers have realized that wheu u is playing more higher MH LV, the AI proper movment and logical behaviour on displacement is decreasing .

an example

  1. under Fight for Your Life , AI will move away from the laid down players, the extreme case is they would go away as fast and far as possible. u can see, they just are moving away, is moving away . so on higher and higher MH LV, the function of FFYL is decreasing.

  2. non stopping shooting and dropping bomb, even u is behind cover. they just are keeping on doing above things, without seeing players, they wouldn’t move away,but keep doing that. it need improvment, as u go to play some lower LV, u wouldn’t see such illogical activitives, u just can’t move away or do anything. u have to know, mostly, this act is as bad as giving player’s shield broken only as the accuracy is specically high, even u can say the AI like cheating aimbot

  3. Anointed Alpha , or the fat anointed man, he even would hold a shield and go front on the laid down player, u can’t perform FFYL. so frustrated case and largely when player is almost completing the process, he just suddently jump in front of the playr, so u just have to respawn , no any FFYL can perform if that fat man, anointed is around.

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The FFYL thing of them running away has always been a frustration from 1 & 2. But the blocking to keep from getting a revive is something new i havent seen and needs to go. Has happened a few times and is a cheap move.

It’s always awesome when you are shooting at someone else and he teleports directly in front of you and then your own splash damage downs you then he continues to troll you while you bleed to death. Horrendous enemy that literally no one would even blink if it was removed entirely lol

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