AI Strategy - Dynamic Offensive Aggressive Normal

Could anyone help me find the official gearbox descriptions for the AI Strategy modes in Homeworld Remastered multiplayer modes?


innociv I have no idea what you are talking about…

Official description I have no idea, but in the code I can safely say all it does it randomize the attack timer which is not very interesting. If it has other internal changes we’d love to hear them gearbox!

Defensive attacks the least, Dynamic is highly random.

Misread it. Heh.

Am I the only one who want’s to know this?

I think it’s essential knowledge for creating practice skirmish games that simulate real world multiplayer games.

Nope, I was very interested in it, but the only reason I know anything about it is because I was modifying the AI. It’s sad but I think it just reaches to the extent I have detailed.

It does affect how the game plays out. Aggressive AIs are typically better in team games, Defensive 1v1 so it doesn’t over-extend itself, but Dynamic is there so it can be less predictable. All through adjusting when the AI wants to attack.
It would be much nicer if it altered its playstyle but that would require a lot more effort, and a good part of the AI is hardcoded C-side.

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Thanks for your knowledge Magitex :smile: