AIIegience BuiId: 0Id Fashi0ned

This is a Jakobs buiId for Zer0 The Assasin. lt focuses on the best gear that Jakobs has to offer, as weII as skiIIs that have good synergy with Jakobs firearms.

SNlPlNG 28

Headsh0t 5/5 For more crit damage

Precisi0n 5/5 to heIp with the accuracy of our guns, which have somewhat poor accuracy

0ne Sh0t 0ne KiII 5/5 Jakobs has a sh*t Ioad of damage, how 'bout we add some more?

B0re This is aIways nice, and it aIIows you to kiII Hyperious

Vel0city 5/5 This gives our weapons Iess time for there peIIets to spread out

At 0ne with the Gun 2/5 This was the skiII l decided to put my Ieftover points in, it heIps the mag of our snipers


Fast Hands 5/5 ReIoad and swap speed is reaIIy nice

Ambush 5/5 This buiId is partiaIIy focused on hit and run kiIIing enemies with Decepti0n, so it is SUPER usefuI

Rising Sh0t 5/5 Since Jakobs guns have such fast fire rate, we can get stacks quite quickIy

Death Mark This is seIf expIanatory

Unf0rseen 5/5 This has potentiaI to finish off weakened enemies, and strip shieIds

lnnervate 5/5 Our main source of heaIing

Tw0 Fang 4/5 l don’t need 5/5 here, but the doubIe shot chance is pretty cooI

Death BI0ss0m This is another seIf expIanatory skiII, but additionaIIy, it can sIag enemies


KiIIing BI0w 5/5 This skiII, boosted by our COM of choice, is heIIa usefuI

Grim 5/5 The shieId is great, but the cooIdown combined with lnnervate and the Hunter COM aIIows for great heaIing

F0II0w Thr0ugh 5/5 This aIIows for damage and movement speed

Execute lt heIps for getting around

Now onto the gear (AII weapons are perfect parted, unIess stated otherwise)

Weapon SIot 1: SkuIImasher This gun deaIs an lNSANE amount of damage, and Zer0s skiIIs patch up the accuracy

Weapon SIot 2 Docs Striker This is our shotgun of choice, we go for it because of the high crit damage, and Docs>RustIers for higher accuracy and crit damage

Weapon SIot 3 Law this is a soIid pistoI for damage, and heIps for stronger KiIIing BI0ws

Weapon SIot 4 Diaub This has higher range than the SkuIImasher, which is why l run Jakobs scope

ShieId Antagonist This shieId has a LOT of buIk, and can slag enemies

COM Legendary Hunter This COM is awesome for its boosts to Headsh0t, Fast Hands, and KiIIing BI0w are great, and the passive regen during Decepti0n Combined with lnnervate aIIows for reaIIy good heaIing

Grenade Magic MissiIe Low Ievel, great slag, whiIe the visuaI poIIution is somewhat annoying, its not a huge deaI

Alternatively you can swap the points from vel0city to ir0n hand and use the Bekkah, but l find the Striker more fun, and thats what l Iook for in a buiId over aII eIse. Be gentIe, l’m a n00b when it comes to Zer0.


i like the colors. :+1:

yeah, finaIIy figured out how to change text coIor

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A Jakobs build for sniping Zer0 that ignores the Amigo Sincero and the Hot Mama?

Uncool, bro, uncool. :roll_eyes:

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I too enjoy Jak0bs b0i. Good build but pls no velocity, it hurts me on so many levels :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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Recommend to put the build link above the descriptions - mostly because I’m lazy (like most people) and don’t want to have to mentally recreate the tree.

The Amigo is certainly noteworthy but honestly I’ve shelved it for my Jakobs Assassin - too OP for my taste.

Also, the Hot Mama is an abomination and should be banned from any mention in any Jakobs topics.

Explain please. The more levels the better :wink:

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Hot mama can kiss my ass, and the sincero and skuIImasher are interchangeable

Give it the Twister treatment, eh? :wink:

I totally agree, but purely on the basis of aesthetics. A Jakobs weapon should not a) be iridescent, b) generate little floaty hearts, and c) attempt to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Unless you’ve been engaged in a peyote ritual in a sweat lodge, and then that should be a product of your unhealthy attachment and attraction to your firearm, nothing else.


Sonnet 43 - Hot Mama

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways
I hate thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can retch, with that Maliwan sight
For the pew pew railer’s charge so devoid of grace.
I hate thee to the level of every day’s
Most unnecessary need of elemental harm.
I hate thee freely, as men strive for a proper gawdam Jakobs firearm.
I hate thee purely, as there are so few in the clip.
I hate thee with a passion that I must use a Dahl grip.

(ironically the original author’s name has a couple gun references - scavenger hunt!)


l didnt know this was a crap on the hot mama thread, then again l hate it even as a gaige main


Aight, buiIt a changed spec without vel0city, and the Bekkah>Striker

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A decent reason to ignore the weapon that is A LOT easier to get and beats the crap out of any other non-elemental sniper. :smile:

Yeah, the same way the Pimpernel and Snider are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I believe that gear picks for any build must be first of all based on their availability (how easy a particular weapon or item can be collected), and in this view it seems eccentric to me to totally ignore the AS (a quest reward with partially fixed parts) in favour of the Skullmasher (only to reach the Son of Mothrakk is a big pain) and recommend the Bekah which many of the players have not yet seen to drop at all in all these years.

Anyway, it’s the vision of @SadShedinja and I’m really glad that BL2 people are still playing the game and generating new builds. :wink:


The best source now is Uranus it seems. I’ve seen lots of people get them - myself included.

So it’s now dramatically easier to get than its closest competitor : the Muckamuck. I certainly wouldn’t compare it to the Amigo.

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Can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. I have several Zer0’s built around using Jakobs firearms and my builds are pretty close to what you have. Sometimes I will put a single point in both Iron Hand and Counter Strike for the Leg Hunter COM. I’ll also swap out Leg Hunter for Leg Sniper(also Jakobs) so some points in Kill Confirmed. I’ve been doing alot of experimenting lately with the new level cap and extra points.

I agree…sorta. If I’m playing at level 80 I’ll use the Skullmasher instead of the Amigo. But at OP10 I’ll use the Amigo much of the time. Jakob’s Zer0 at op10 is very challenging, for me at least. I will also sometimes use a Slagga or Pimp for slagging at op10. At 80 slag transfusions only.

He’s actually never dropped it for me. I have, however, gotten quite a few Skullmashers from Haderax. He almost always drops a legendary sniper(or 2 or 3) of some sort. I’m still looking for that perfect parted op10 Skookum Skullmasher.

My Jakobs Zer0s always have a Maggie, Dastardly or Bowie. I do keep a Law in my backpack but rarely use it.


I’ve now gotten a few S’mashers from both of them. A couple good ones too.

I agree in principle about OP10 and the Amigo. My Jakobs Zer0 plays in the low OP levels (OP2/3) so he can use everything.

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This is what I did before the new level cap. Playing at lvl 80 now is just a bit too easy. I’ll sometimes play at op2 with level 80 gear and this adds some of the challenge back.

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I’ve actually been playing with this build more, and a bladed Maggie has done me a lot more good than the Law


I used to think that the skullmasher hit harder, because it does with gaige,and shes my main. However on everyone else amigo would be leaps and bounds better


The Amigo easily overshadows everything that is not the Skully. And that is ironically why it is not as desirable for me. But perhaps that I am just to fond of a regular Muck.


So I’ve settled on OP2 for my Jakob’s Zer0. It’s definitely doable at op10, but just not near as fun(for me anyways). OP0 just doesn’t offer enough of a challenge. OP2 is what I ran my Jakobs Zer0 at before the new level cap and it seems to work well now as well. No Moxxi weapons and Transfusions are my only source of slag and healing. This was near unmanageable at op10. It can be done but it’s very tedious to the point of not being fun. (again, that’s my perception/opinion).

Originally I was going to play at op2 with op0 gear. This plan was thwarted as I farmed Haderax on a whim and he dropped a Skookum Skullmasher(w/ Matching grip) as well as a matching grip Quad. The Smasher does have a Vladolf stock but I’m using a Jakob’s Allegiance relic that makes recoil minimal and also boosts my mag size.

My build is similar, but I’m running a Leg Sniper COM most of the time, but also put points in so it can be swapped out with Hunter, Killer or a Spy COM.

This is my favorite character to play right now…I’m going to reset soon, I think, and play through the story.