Aim Acceleration

I’ve seen a number of people complaining about this in the beta forum. So far haven’t heard a response. It’s quite frankly atrocious. Specifically playing a character who gets close, or the healer. There are tons of situations where I’m healing someone directly in front of me, and they get knocked back behind me, or just dodge to the side and even at the highest sensitivity you just can’t get there fast enough. And it’s not about overshooting the target, you just can’t follow short jerky movements well at all, and there’s a lot of that going on. So is there’s any thought about addressing this issue?

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So, is this about Miko’s healing beam or something? I kinda feel that gives an enemy team a chance to actually stop the nigh invulnerable duo that is Miktana (Miko/Montana). Also, if it’s in response to aiming at a target that moves around to not get hit that’s a survival tactic and one of the only ways characters like Caldarius can survive encounters… am I just not understanding the issue at hand?

I think they are complaining that turning movement is too slow.

The issue is that even with your aim sensitivity up to max, the first few seconds, maybe half a second of your turn is slow and is completely unaffected by the sensitivity. It takes a second or so for your turn speed to “accelerate” to the sensitivity you have set, it’s a very unnatural way to for things to control, especially when you’re trying to make small precise movements.

Really? I’ve never noticed that happen. My sensitivity doesn’t ever seem to need to catch up to the setting. What system are you playing on?

My main frustration with Miko (who is my primary character for the most part) is the targetting of heal beam. Wish there was something that could cycle through targets within proximity.

No idea how it prioritizes - if it’s mainly directional or what.

The amount of Platform Wars we’d like is less than none.

It’s pretty simple to see the issue. Set the controller sensitivity to 9 run up real close to a wall with a distinct texture. Aim at an obvious spot and tap the controller stick to move your aim. See how far from your initial point the reticle moved. Do it several times with quick taps. Then increase the sensitivity to 15 and try again. You’ll find that for short taps the distance doesn’t change at all, because you don’t reach you max sensitivity for half a second or so. Contrast that with a sensitivity setting of 1 where your turn speed is slower than the forced acceleration period. Short taps at senaitivity 1 are drastically affected it should work the exact same way for increased sensitivity. It gives snap aiming a very stuttered feeling and in fact makes prioritizing targets with the heal beam harder than it needs to be.

As far as platform wars are concerned this is on PS4. It’s pretty obvious once you test it, and it might not happen with a mouse at all. The issue is I can see no reason this mechanic doesn’t have a toggle in the options on every system. It makes the game feel laggy.

It’s only a problem on pc. Aim acceleration is the standard for console gaming and it works well with a controller. Not with a mouse though.

just don’t let loose of your healbutton, walk passed the wrong target and it will connect with the intended target. It’s awkward but if you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy. Even useful when you’re just topping off players that are almost full health.

I have a lvl 15 Master of Miko. When you’re in the battle, and have a range of large characters, trying to prioritize can be really problematic, particularly when combined with the (often) frustrating collision systems.

I don’t know if Miko is designed to intentionally lack accuracy with the heal-beam, but even having a button that can switch or cycle. I like being able to heal minions too, but when I can’t get my beam to go past a minion in front of me to a dying ally just behind them - it’s rather aggravating.

Why make a generalization like this? Aim acceleration is something that may affect every single player differently. Just like auto aim. Some player may prefer it, some may not. On the console it’s extremely noticeable especially if you prefer to play at higher sensitivities. It’s very obvious and very distracting, no reason to let those of us who don’t want it turn it off.

Listen, I didn’t mean to insult you. I just assumed you were on PC since I hear a lot of pc gamers complain about it, and never heard a console player complain about it. As far as I know most console games have aim acceleration (on pc it would be called mouse acceleration).

I play on console and I have never noticed it there. On PC on the other hand I can’t stand it.

My biggest problems with the aim are the following options which I CANT set!


…at the moment it takes ages that the stick reacts! Please let it react faster or let it us set by ourself :smiley: like Rainbow Six Siege.


… even at the highest level its slow as fuc*. Please let it us set that we can decide how fast we want that.


…at the moment its like slower, slow normal, fast faster! Please give us a option that we can set the Accelearion to a consistent level. Or have you guys ever seen a PC Player who plays with windows mouse acceleration on. If the Acceleartion is not set to a consistent level you cant twitch aim with the sticks. I hate this new trend on console!

Aim Assist

get rid of it :wink: - At least in ranked, if this mode will come :wink:

Aim acceleration is pronounced in Rath. It’s easy to lose track of someone who can dodge and recover to the side or behind you, faster than you can turn your character to that direction in the middle of melee. With the fact that there isn’t a real stun lock in place and characters can just turn and bolt in the middle of a flurry of normal attacks , the slow wind up with turning throws me off every time.