Aim Assist ? how does it work

Just a quick question, on the consoles, does aim assist, assist in the player hitting the crit area?

I’m on Pc so we don’t have it, which i much prefer, may as well have move, play, and finish the game whilst I watch assist :slight_smile: , was wondering how so many players can get so many crits on the flack mod against fast-moving smaller targets?

I have no problems hitting the mobs, but with the amount of light pollution on screen from effects like fade away, I can’t even see the feking target half the time never mind nail its head lol

It snaps the view to center mass… well it did in bl2; here its just near the enemy and sometimes decently within hitboxes - its nowhere near the op nature of gta auto aim

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If it works the way I remember (been a while since I played controller or console tbh), the reticule snaps onto the closest target, but you still need to flick the right tumbstick down (I play inverted on controller, I’m an old guy lol, so might be up for others) to get headshots. I could be wrong though.

Also, don’t we have aim assist on PC on mouse and keyboard? I don’t know really tbh, haven’t checked, as I would’t use it anyway.

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aim assist on a PC /cringe that will be a dark day, time to stop playing if we need the PC to aim for us lol :slight_smile:

Cheers ty for clearing that up, was bugging me

If we had the option for mouse n keyboard id switch to that in a heartbeat; but im also not going to use that crap workaround like they use for overwatch - the support for gaming mice is already there for the most part - just not available in most games… i havnt been a pc gamer since delta force; n we didnt even have mouse aim then :rofl:

I just checked on BL2, cause I wasn’t sure before mentioning it in my post earlier, but BL 2 came with aim assist for mouse and keyboard (never used it tbh, cause why would you?). BL3 deffo don’t have that, just checked the settings too just to be sure.