Aim Assist is absolutely awful and desperately needs to be fixed - it does the OPPOSITE of what it's supposed to do

For some reason devoid of any logic, aim assists slows your aim to an unusable level if they’res an enemy anywhere on your screen.

The most notable problems with this come when you’re trying to shoot moving targets with a sniper or Jakob’s assault rifle. I have my ADS sensitivity at 7, and I can’t track a varkin that’s just slightly moving side to side, because my aim is always a foot off and too slow to ever get on target.

This is the only game I’ve ever played that I’ve felt the need to turn aim assist off. The entire point of aim assist in video games is to make it easier to keep your reticle on target by slowing it when you’re on target - not slowing it when you’re off target.


I kinda agree with this. I’ve been noticing my shots pull to the right. Like the reticle stutters. The enemies are pretty quick (which I dig), but maybe that’s part of the issue?

As a result, I’ve playing mostly melee. More fun that I thought

On console it feels like there isn’t aim assist, I have so much trouble with flying enemies it’s ridiculous, and when you’re trying to use anything that requires aiming it’s horrendus too

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Aim assist? Never heard of her.