Aim assist mechanic for Alani?

If you play with alot of characters in Battleborn on Console, you will notice some characters have the Aim assist mechanic and some don’t (for the most are the melee hero’s like Rath).

Note: the aim assist mechanic is a function that makes your sensitivity slow and slightly stick to your target if your sights are aimed directly at an enemy.

Usually I play with high sensitivity with Cal,Mellka,Mike,foxtrort,Reyna etc… and I aim pretty damn good with them.
However , when I play with Alani, I don’t feel the aim assist mechanic in her. It forces me to lower my sensitivity for more accurate shots and its annoying >:[ !!

Is it true that she doesn’t have the aim assist mechanic ? if yes , then why ? Alani’s DMG isn’t high anymore and her Osmosis doesn’t stack up with 3 shots only so full burst heal doesn’t come quick .

IMO , Aim assist mechanic is needed for Alani that mainly depends on her shots being count and not waste for her burst heal.

Keep in mind that aim assist doesn’t aim bot , but helps Console players aim better only if the player aims good with an analog stick.

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I just turn off aim assist. I think that it’s like using stylish mode in a fighting game. Just feels cheap. I also don’t like how strong it is. I feel like I’m not controlling my character and if you are playing a sniper you need to have 100% control over your gun or else the aim assist will screw up your shot.

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I agree aim screws me up more than it helps. It either makes me over shoot or under since it doesn’t move as much as I aspect. plus I pride myself on skill and refuse to use it.

Also @ozcomingfroo She doesn’t need It. Just bc she’s no longer op doesn’t mean you need it to bring her closer to it. Her burst heal is just that a burst. If you got a burst every 3 seconds it’s no longer burst. Just high output. Do you just want an op character? I’m also console. Her shots just need a bit of leading and predicting. It’s real easy once you get the hang of it. Esp with high sense. I believe it you.

Torrent has a travel time so aim assist will mess you up with her if the target is moving


This. :thumbsup:
All I saw the Aim Assist do, is interfere with targeting to a point where you can’t hit your opponent while strafing.
I always keep it turned off.


Alani is intended to be a support with a passable attack, not an attacker with an occasional heal. Not to mention the fact that her attacks are not hitscans so you need to lead your target anyway. I usually play on PC, but even when I do play on console I turn off the aim assist because I find it just gets in the way.

I use her mostly like an attacker :slight_smile: the more hits I get the more I can heal.

Also forgot to put ealier notice how torrent travels… it has a slight arc that you can use to you advantage. If you aim slightly above a thrall head, even with its shield up, you can crit it down very quickly. This let’s me take double thrall faster than some attackers. Long story short aim assist bad for Alani

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How fast is the fastest you’ve done double thralls? I can do them in 21 seconds (yes I timed it) solo as Montana.

Lmao I’ve never actually timed it. And I’m not surprised by that time with Montana (one of the few chars I genuinely despise playing against or with)

Why don’t you like him? He’s strong, but he has a few very good counterpicks that he’s especially vulnerable to.

I just think as a tank he has too much. Massive hp, lots of damage reduction, charge through walls (yes I’ve been hit with that), heavy slow, and some damage that can stack quickly. When you have never played a char before you shouldn’t be able to just pick it up and do so well simply because it has so many things going for it. Any of the squishier chars are dead meat if he begins his slow as it a strong slow

But that’s just my opinion of him. Picked him up first time did very well and it just was too idk I don’t want to say easy but…

I think he’s balanced - he might have a gun but it’s horrifically innaccurate and terrible at longer ranges. Not to mention he has quite a large crit spot - best counters I have found to date are Thorn, Whiskey Foxtrot and Caldarius.

Lol he has a huge body but his head is like it came from Melka. If you take the helix for accuracy it’s good even at longer ranges. I didn’t have any trouble with his accuracy. However this thread isn’t about Montana so I’m trying not to debate him. FYI even if everyone who has ever played this game said he was balanced I would still argue as I despise him that much

Eh, opinion. It’s cool =D

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I guess you guys havee a point about torrerts disadvantage if it had aim assist mechanic.

I’ve done it with 6 headshots from Toby at lvl. 10, so however long that takes with his 20% raingun charge time decrease. My guess would be around 12-15 seconds.

Niiice. Then again, Toby is the CC chain monster of death. How much damage did you end up taking?

Oh, i don’t need to stun them; i know where to aim above thier shields. As to damage, i don’t know; not enough to matter with Toby’s lvl. 8 forcefield strength helix, and his lvl. 3 shield strength increase. That time was rounded up for aiming, but that FEELS like his average time to kill them, provided i don’t miss.

Oh, right. I should probably get back into Toby at some point but I was never very good with him anyway =D

Yeah, it all comes down to whether you can aim with him well enough to land headshots, because that’s where his borderline OP damage lies, if you build for attack damage and critical damage. I do occasionally use The Double Hug’s double stun, but not a lot in PVP, as it IS cheap. Toby is a real late bloomer though, so it takes some well-balanced, long-lasting matches to shine with him. I have my fair share of deaths and losses with him because the other team was all early-game shutdowns. Also, all it takes is a skilled Mellka, Phoebe, Caldarius, or other highly mobile, close-range fighter to shut Toby down, if they focus him. And they do…