Aim Assist on PC Plz Remove

My friend pointed out that aim assist for console in the settings is also in the PC version. In PC gaming this is unneeded because it is easier to aim quickly with a mouse. I think that it should be removed from the PC version because it gives some people a huge advantage over other in aim duels.

This isn’t cross-platform.

Not gonna happen, and thank god. It’s nice to have a few casual mp games you can play with a controller on PC.

Both players can have it on or off and it balances out the 100% accuracy of melee characters. Aim assist option is a must.

I honestly hate the aim assist and its been discussed in another thread.

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It eliminates a huge part of the competitive part of the game though. If you want to use a controller on a computer then get a console. You would save a lot more money in the long run. If your a PC gamer, use a mouse. But at least the aim assist needs to be limited to only controllers because a mouse does not need that.

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If it’s not cross platform then there is no need for an aim assist anyways. But there is still the setting for it under gameplay options. It is not needed for mouse and keyboard gamers. Group of gamers that still need their controller in PC gaming need to stop using a controller.

You can’t dictate what other people choose to use to play. Many people prefer to use a gamepad on PC, for a wide variety of reasons, and they have every right to do so.

So…Please don’t do that.

You don’t like it? Don’t use it.

There is no reason for aim assist. It does not cancel the accuracy of a melee attacker in any way. The counter to melee attacker is a long range battle. 100% accurate guns break games. So many games go down due to adding little things like aim assist because they thought it would be a great addition to PC multiplayer. It’s like saying “Hey want to play multiplayer competitively and fairly? Well let me tell you, there is just aim assist in our game! Seems like a great idea!” No it is not. Aim assist is a jack in games because it is an advantage to all sniper, plus for guns against melee characters. There is no balance to aim assist on PC at all.

The only reason I don’t like it is because when game developers add aim assist to help the controller players but it’s on PC so the mouse and keyboard players get a huge advantage off of the weakness of controllers.

On console, using a controller, it is not %100, its soft aim assist. However with a mouse that is definitely closer to %100 than a joystick.

Still hate it though.

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Yes, the aim assist on controllers help the controller die to the point that controllers can aim very quickly. But aim assist should not be given to mouse and keyboard players because it is not balanced.


There was a guy on the old borderlands forum who had a very limited range of movement with his hands. He operated a game pad linked to his pc with his face, mouth, and lips.

What you’re talking about would make his- and many other people with disabilities- games impossible. You really want that?

Gearbox are pretty good at making their games accessible. Let’s keep it that way.

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good point psych, it does make the game more playable by more people, which is ultimately a goal for any type of product your trying to market. If would be cool to see something like ranked play with aim assist unavailable, for those who want to be considered “elite” players.

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I don’t care at all. If they have a disability they can request either a special game version or make something that makes it easier for them. But I don’t give a f*ck about a the less than 1% of gamers who have a disability that hurts their gaming abilities. If he can’t move the mouse very far then get a higher sensitivity and dpi for the mouse. But just because of him, all mouse and keyboard gamers should get access to aim assists. Don’t try to make me change my opinion based on a very very small part of the community. If you and others feel bad for that person, then go and make a machine to make it easier for him. But he should not dictate the way a game comes out of development. That is selfish of that person if they request certain feature based on their disabilities because they are not thinking of the entirety of the community just themselves.

They are part of the community. Maybe you should think about them. I’m not aware of any requests by any specific people or groups to have this feature. Gearbox chose to do so.

They care enough to do that. It’s their call.

You’ll somehow have to live with the idea that not everyone is as lucky as you clearly are. And some people who are games developers do care about that.

Let me ask you this if you feel so negatively about it, which characters is it currently breaking? Ive yet to see any ranged character put up super impressive numbers like the melees can, and I’ve never seen a marquis even come close.

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…Like Aim-Assist?

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Okay, I’ve had a think about this. We really don’t need views like this in our community.
I have no idea how many people use this forum who happen to have disabilities, but you’ve just insulted them all. Good day.


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Well, you see, it stops melee attackers from coming up to you via the straight line. And if you have a problem with aim assist as someone who is ranged then it’s simply an excuse to say you aren’t actually worse than them/ they didn’t get the jump on you. I come from destiny, and the snipers in that game practically lock on at this point, and one shot headshot. But it’s a console game. I can get around it. Now it is true you play on a PC, but the sniper (Marquis) has to 3 shot Miko to kill him, maybe two headshots, and it’s simply not that big of a deal, you can get around it. Try figuring out sniper locations and fight with cover in mind. That’s what I do in destiny. Or you could get close to the sniper/gunner because aim assist can screw up people at close range. Your problem, it doesn’t really exist. And as Psychichazard said[quote=“Psychichazard, post:8, topic:1357265”]
You don’t like it? Don’t use it.

Please just try to enjoy the game? We can all get along better if we don’t complain about the simple things, trust me, as I said I come from Destiny, #1 most hateful official game forums right there on Don’t let this game get like that.

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