Aim Assist Too Weak on Console

Does anyone else think aim assist is far too ineffective on console?

Compared with any other shooter on the platform, I would say aim assist is pretty much non-existent in ROR2.

I feel like some characters just aren’t viable because the aiming isn’t precise enough on console. I’ve played the game on PC and it’s just a lot easier in general IMO, with more precise and logical controls.

On console, I seem to revert back to huntress/engineer the whole time when playing on Monsoon because characters like rex and even commando just require a far higher level of accuracy. On lower difficulties this is fine, but trying to maintain a very high level of aiming accuracy and also dodge all the stuff coming at you on monsoon is just very hard…

I’m kind of confused as to what the aim assist slider in options even does - it feels like the difference between 1 and 10 is basically nothing?

Anyone else feel the same way?