Aimbot is a real problem, we need a way to report it

I’m tired of going into matches and losing because of aimbots. I’m not being salty here, and trust me I’ll give credit where credit is due, but when Marquis is hitting every shot, every crit, every time, there is obviously aimbot script going on. Today I played over 15 pvp matches, and I encountered someone using aimbot 4 times. There is a way to fix this and it’s called permaban from pvp. Let players report suspicious activity and get these idiots out of our game that we all love so much.

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Thank god i never had a cheater in 125 matches yet. And i aint looking forward to it.

Maybe it could be usefull to video record it or send the Match ID to the support meanwhile.

do individual matches have a ID that could be brought forward to help the development team ?

Yes, each match has a unique code, shown at the end of the game.

I vote for adding VAC and securing all servers with it.

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