Aimbot players in multiplayer


Seems that developers do not care about cheaters in game. I’ve sent reports about several players that obviously use aimbot:

  1. Thorn with 100% accuracy in melee range against jumping thin target, placing 3-4 headshots in a row for 3 seconds.
  2. Mike that deals 1500 damage for 1 second (all headshots with 100% accuracy) with mouse 1.

Why is an “aimbot” option available in MULTIPLAYER?

Is there any chance that developers will start to think about total unbalance or should we just search another game, which developers know that such options are cheat?

I usually don’t reply to topics like this, but I’ll do it anyway in this case.

Reading your post, it seems that you are under the expression that Gearbox allows (?) the use of aimbots, or even somehow integrated them within their own game.

I find this highly puzzling :confused:

So, just to clarify:

Any ‘cheater’ using an actual ‘aimbot’ is using third-party software (possibly even selfmade) to achieve something that does not only violate the EULA of the game, but also TOS of both the Shift network and their respective platform (Steam/PSN/XBL).

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This is honestly something that’s been pissing me off too.
I play on the Xbox One side of Battleborn and i’ve seen hackers galore.

I’ve been playing against aimbot the absolute most, but i’ve also seen some pretty shady BS. Like Montana Lumberjack Dash twice in a row, Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar dealing 1500 with no skill boosting gear (Which i would still call BS on), Kelvin Chomp deals half life rather than the 15%, Ungodly high damage reduction, Shooting through walls, obstacles, and terrain.

I was pretty glad they announced in-game reporting although personally i feel that things wont go my way.

Luckily I have yet to run any hackers myself with 300 hours of game time. I’m not saying I don’t believe you but some of those situations seem explainable.

The Lumberjack Dash may be explained with the Borrowed Timer Legendary, which resets all cooldowns when your health is lowered to 10% every 30 seconds. Occasionally I find that the damage recount wonks out on me, one time I had it say I was killed by a Thorn doing around 100 damage to me with no other damage sourced and I was at half health as Montana. Something similar could have happened to you. Kelvin gets a mutation that makes his chomp do additional damage based off his max health. I cannot speak on the other things you mention as they are not too specific but marquis can upgrade his ultimate at lvl 10 to go through terrain.

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I know a majority of that stuff, but Montana wasnt at no 10% and didnt have the Borrow Timer.
And i’m not talking about Marquis Bindleblast at level 10. Im talking about raw bullets just going through terrian.

The Kelvin Chomp can only get beefed up by another 15-23% i think. Nowhere close to 50%.

Oh, well then I stand corrected. Now I’m confused too haha.

50% on who? I believe the cap on it is 450 damage on top of the 15%. That could make a very good dent in some squishier characters.

With his ability and stacked skill damage gear actually he can get to 50% damage increase

Not 450. Chomp does X damage per level and an extra 15% up to 500. At level 8 this can be buffed to 30%.

Yes, there’s a mutation that allows Kelvin’s Chomp to deal an extra 3% based on his current remaining health. However, this was an early game situation. I was Galilea with a max health boost gear active. And with no inbetween attacks i died in literally 2 chomps with full health and shields.

Alright, fair enough, I’m with you now. That smells rotten to me.

Just to clarify my words.

There’s an aimbot option in Battleborn.
It is called “aim correction”. What this option does?
It will automatically correct your missile when you hit “shoot”.
If you miss your target, it corrects the angle (distance) between center of screen and your target.

Some guys said that it should work only for ps platforms.

I’ve tried to compare my accuracy WITH and WITHOUT this option.

Orendi, mouse 2:
WITHOUT: 2 hits from 5 (40% accuracy)
WITH: 6/7 hit (90+% accuracy)

Mike, shooting m1 without scope:
WITHOUT: 10 hits from the whole clip against moving target
WITH: 40-50 hits from the whole clip.

This is called “aimbot”. You can just turn it on in options and you will always benefit against players without this option. I think that it should be unavailable for multiplayer.

No matter if it is PC or PS - no one should get such “aiming correction” - it simplifies game, it makes matches unfair (some character gain more benefit from this option than others).

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Just to set my mind at ease. These Aimbots are only on the pc-platform, or are there also cheaters on PS4?

Are you referring to “Aim Assist”? Because this is far from an aimbot…

Ok, I kind of suspected you might mean that function.
I just never heard anyone call it an aimbot before. To me, this is general ‘aim assist’.
And while it may seem unfair to you, I never found it to make that much difference.

  • It loosely ‘sticks’ your crosshair to your target’s hitbox. This allows for continued hits, even when moving fast.
  • It does this with no regard to things like critical hit zones. This is sometimes a major drawback.
  • Also, sometimes it ‘sticks’ to the wrong enemy.

Anyway, if you think it to be so game-changing, then use it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.
After all, this whole function is just the result of some people thinking that console players ‘need’ aim assist, to get a similar gameplay experience to that of a PC player.
Can’t say that I agree to that :smile:

That Aim-Assist is only annoying. Sometimes I aim at an opponent, but my crosshair suddenly follows a minion that walks by. I turned it off:)

Edit: If you manage 100% accuracy with Thorn or 1500 damage with Miko in 1 second, you are the best player on Battleborn. Personally, I don’t believe what you are saying. An aim-assist doesn’t help that much at all

It’s function is similar to increasing of hitbox of projectile.

I aim to a player, my crosshair is not on him - it’s 20 pixels left (or right or up or down) - and when i shoot, projectile moves towards my enemy, but not where i am shooting.

So literally my miss (i did not aim correctly) becomes a hit.

Option that automatically turns projectile misses into hits should be disabled in multiplayer.

So, correct me if I’m wrong here, you’ve sent reports to GBX of people you suspect were using the feature that they intentionally included in the game?

Aim assist is not aimbot and nearly every shooter has one. Its your choice to turn it off but the game was designed for you to play with it, not without. Its not cheating to use it and its not something Id consider complaining about. An actual aimbot is cheating and that allows a player to not do anything, instantly snap aim, and never miss a single shot. Ever. For any reason. Aim assist does not give you this kind of performance.

If aim assist is cheating, so is using anything but instant cast on your skills so you cant aim them with clear precision

Edit: Aim assist exists to help with lag on hit registration too!


I sent reports after receiving lots of headshots in a row for short period of time.
I know that it is impossible, especially in Battleborn, where hitbox_head of thin target is several pixels even in close range.
When target moves and jumps, you just can’t hit it with m1 of thorn several times in a row. Not saying about headshots.

If you think that is is real, please show a video where you take thorn and make 10 headshots in a row against such targets as mellka or marquis (not noobs) in close range. Hit 10/10. Omg, hit at least 1/10 as headshot - then you realise that 100% accuracy is impossible without cheats.

More about “aim assist” - almost no PVP shooters have such feature. Let me check:
Battlefield 3,4,1 - no.
Call of Duty - no.
Titanfall - no.
Unreal Tournament - no.

Can you tell the name of ANY online PVP shooter with auto aim? (i don’t care how it is called - aim correction or any other function name)

Doesn’t matter,any experienced pro players (Maybe there are exceptions,don’t know them if there are) will tell you that he prefers to play without.
I used to play with it cuz I thought I was bad and all,then decided to get myself better,looked up things,etc.
I’m waaaayyyy better without it. Took a bit of time to get used to but it’s a no brainer for me now.

I think your complaint is more about aimbot. They are forbidden and Gbx does take action against them,I’ve seen player banned for this,just report them trough steam or trough the support.
We generally do both. And get kind words from gbx.

Hate to break it to you, but all of these have aim assist.