Aimbot players in multiplayer

These games all have aim assist, at least on consoles anyways.

The feature that you’re talking about that battleborn has and the other do not is what I would call “sticky aim” (probably already a name for it somewhere but that’s what I just came up with ¯_(ツ)_/¯) In battleborn when you ADS in range of something your aim is heavily affected by the gravity of aim assist pulling you to the center mass of the target you are aiming at. Although the other games mentioned technically have this it is only enabled in PvE modes and not PvP for the most part.

Honestly it might need to be removed. For example when I play Marquis I’m stubborn and if I’m sitting in the ledge on Overgrowth I don’t care what’s coming at me I don’t feel like moving from my spot. Sometimes I’ll be rushed by a Melka and I even manage to kill her at close to point blank range (which is Melka’s strong suit and Marquis’ weak point) However, by repeatedly using the LT (ADS) I can land my shots most of the time.

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Those games have aim-assist and its in your best interest to leave it on. Again, the game was designed for you to use it

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It is you making the claim that it happened, you should be the one to provide evidence, not asking someone to recreate the incident for you that is not their job. But it is your job to provide as much information as possible if you believe there to be an issue, so a video backing up your claims would be very appreciated from you.


reliikki, Radical, KiRK:

Actually BF in pvp mode has no aim correction. At least there’s no such option in PC version. On PS - may be. Also, you can’t play on PS against PC players - different server types disallow it (except testing situations).

Titanfall has no autoaim, too (exception is an autoaim headshot pistol that is so overpowered that there’s even no discussions about it on forums).

If we are talking about competive game, I think that player’s aiming skill is the most important thing.
I’m still thinking that an option that gives +40% accuracy in pvp is too overpowered, because it gives real benefit to ranged against melee.

I think this is more of a PC vs Console problem as just about every game on consoles has some sort of aim assist.

Therefore I think the aim assist on PC is the real problem here instead of Battleborn as a whole.

You should look up what this “aim assist” really does and how.
I’ve never seen a good player not annoyed by that thing,throwing your aim off every now and then.

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