[Aimbot report] As requested by the 2K support agent, here's the hackers info

Player name: NuclearNadal
Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076413967/
Time recorded: 8:15pm GMT 12/05/16
Type of hack: Aimbot
Video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvfyyuQvEQM
This Thorn doesn’t seem to miss a shot, ever. They made 36 kills and carried an entire team to victory. The players Steam account also has a previous VAC ban.
Match outcome: http://i.imgur.com/QbVts9R.jpg

A little bit of research reveals that aimbot tools are now readily available for Battleborn, so I’m not too surprised by this. That said, the fact that a Thorn is being used for hacking seems quite surprising, considering Marquis is the usual go-to player for instant shots.

As a side note, their SteamID is horribly toxic, riddled with racist usernames: http://i.imgur.com/uJlpHoG.png

I have reported this to 2K and Steam, and now here as instructed by the 2K support agent: http://i.imgur.com/gqomDU6.png

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Very sad indeed.

Wow the game is barely out and the PC users are getting dicked over by wretched basement trolls. I hope Gearbox finds a way to deal with this kinda cheating before it spreads over to consoles as well. It’s too bad that some people are so pathetic as to get their only fun by ruining that of others… -_-

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Can confirm.

Also that player apparently deals at long range- 600/700 damage per shot with 100% accuracy… by long range i mean at least from stairs to sentry platform. (With Ghalt)

Feels like either a broken helix point, or a cheat that removes the passive (Long range = less damage) and makes it so it always deals full damage, though not sure of that (I don’t play Ghalt, but iam pretty sure long range he isn’t supposed to snipe players down, 3 shotting them)

Ghalt has a mutation that allows him to tune his shotgun for almost no spread and snipe potential.

Issue with that is that the bullet often whiffs and has recoil issue.

Which Aim bot won’t suffer from.

Thanks For info
Does the mutation increase damage on longer ranges? Because pretty sure his passive is: Short range = flat maximum damage while long range = massive damage reduction

Oh crap, I said Mutation instead of Helix.

It’s a base level 3 Helix on the left.

At level 7, Helix Right makes him fire two bullet at once. Add in with +40% tactical shell on bullet 5 to 8, it gives him the strongest per-shot in the game.

its sad to see that aimbots are becoming a thing in this game and its honestly a disgrace

I gotta say… dont think they are aimbotting… ive seen the advertising video for the only aimbot I could find for the game, and it only aims for direct shots. It doesnt aim for lead or anything like that. So I think it was just a good Thorn that got paired up with new players… idk if the op just got fed up and quit trying… but when you play Miko the way he does, I can only assume that your a little low on the experience side of the game.

That Thorn was having the easiest game of their life with you getting in their face and quick meleeing, leaving your team healerlesd… which they all seemed to understand that you werent going to efficiently heal them, since they used recall the time.

This coming from someone who mains Thorn on PC.

PS, you see an arrow miss you near the beginning of the vid, when you go up to the Supply Station.


Sorry if this is a little direct, I dont sugar coat… already on the mod watch list apparently :3 so no getting upset by my choice of words plz :3

though i agree not everybody may be aimbotting they are becoming more prevalent, i played with a marquis that would headshot you from their health point while you were standing at the one opposite the map, as well as him jumping around a corner and while still in air head shoting myself and quickly snapped to another target, i feel as though gearbox needs to implement some system in game to report possible hackers as this kind of behavior is just not alright, if you suck you suck dont cheat and ruin it for others just to win

Watched the first 3 minutes before closing the video.

There seems to be zero evidence of cheating. Seems like a skilled player from what I’ve seen.

The fact that they killed 36 people is irrelevant. I’ve killed 40 people in a game before. Quite frankly, it didn’t look like you or any of your teammates were stellar in that performance.

If Gearbox were to enable us to spectate matches after we play them, and THEN if we saw something fishy we could report it, it would be much better.

Hackusations against someone who “killed a lot of people” are dangerous and almost always baseless.

And this is coming from someone with a completely outside perspective.

i agree, i would just simply want to see some way of reporting a possible hacker all together as it seems to be a bit of work to have to file reports through a forum, my example that im referring too is a match with

this gentleman, who after dying a few times got extremely good at cross mapping players, alright, ill stop complaining on someone elses thread, good day all

Marquis, WF, OM… seen those three for hacks with aim bot. Seen a few melee minimap and wall hacks that meet me behind enemy lines whenever I flank, but Orendi, Thorn, or anyone else who has projectile mechanics or a bow draw back mechanic I have seen nothing for.

A lot of the deaths from the other Thorn on this video were super ideal as well… above headshots on a miko are super easy. The guy was landing some nice and heavy Volley shots with crit. And at the range most shots were fired from were not difficult.

With that last point in mind however, he could be using an aim assistance program for shots that close if it gave him manual control of when to fire. Otherwise anything ranged would have to be done themselves. Also crits would be harder to land with an aim assist unless almost pointblank.

The guy already has a VAC Ban on his account, can’t say he’s cheating for sure but people who cheat in a game tend to cheat in other games too.

Well with the evidence shown in the video, I cant say he is because I have performed just as well or better. If he was in a group of 2 or 3 lower leveled and lower skilled players, he could of been dragged into a low rank match. Its happened to me while playing with my brother who plays much less and let me tell you, it is just a ball park for Thorn. Lots of new players are used to Thorn sitting in the back missing a lot but when you dont play her like that, they just crumble. Ive been in games where no one on my team died and I have 20 kills and no one else has hit 5 even. Its not that I am hacking, I am just playing Thorn right and people dont know how to react yet.

Still… hopefully they can monitor him or check his stats for abnormally high accuracy ratings or something.

I know stomping noob is easy with Thorn I’m master with her but the fact he has a VAC ban is just hurting his credibility as a good player.

VAC Ban - Check.

I suppose the saying is true. Once a cheater, always a cheater. People with VAC bans should have their accounts permanently disabled.

That’s they are permanent on your account you can only have 2 or 3 Vac Bans before having your account suspended.

Also saying :[quote=“bugulu, post:18, topic:1440115”]
People with VAC bans should have their accounts permanently disabled.

Is very ignorant of you and I don’t like it.
I’ve seen good players without cheats while having a VAC ban, including myself.

People should really just stop looking at profiles and judging players by it.

By that point in the match it was becoming clear that we were all getting pretty much owned by their Thorn, so instead of playing “properly” I decided to test to see if they had some sort of aim assist or not as my game client has Geforce share (formerly Shadowplay) enabled. That testing mostly involved running around in circles, being a very unproductive Miko!

I’d rather report the user and move on, and if gearbox/2k can investigate further, great! I only posted here because I was advised to. If the user is indeed “clean” after investigation, this thread should be deleted.

Normally I report players privately and move on (used to this, coming from The Division) and don’t really agree with the whole naming and shaming thing, but if it takes posting here for any action to be taken then that’s what has to happen, sadly.

Personally, I think these sort of reports should be kept private.