Aimbotters, aimbotters everywhere!

It seems like it’s a 50/50 chance that Marquis is aimbotting.

I really hope that this huge update this week addresses the lack of report option and the rampant aimbotting in the game.

It really is making this game unplayable.

really? ive only seen 2 botters (or at least im pretty sure they were) in the past 4 weeks.

you must have really bad luck dude

marquis if played right can be a killing machine… but then theres some aimbots that just absolutely destroy and ruin the game ( 11 kills in 5 minutes)

they said that the report player function should be coming up in the next major patch. hopefully they can develop some type of anti-cheat system aswell that scans for aimbot files and bans users if they find aimbot files on their computer.

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i’ve either never experienced this or i was never aware of it :joy:

I’ve been the victim of the “too good to be playing fair Marquis”, but there is a point I’ve been stewing on for a while…

Is it aim botting, or abusing aim assist? From what I understand, aim assist only works for the PC version if you play with a controller. Normally I wouldn’t think to even try playing a shooty character on PC with controller, simply because the sticks are too sluggish. However, for a champ with a playstyle like like Marquis’…

Maybe somebody already knows if this is the case for certain? Otherwise, it might be time to do some investigation.

i have a serious question. what is an aimbot?

Basically something that aims for you

You aim down the sights and it snaps to an enemy, you shoot you don’t miss etc. etc.

I’ve been called out for cheating before with Marquis as well. I’m afraid that Battleborn’s report function is going to be an automatic system that when someone is reported X number of times they are automatically banned. Hopefully not, but there’s a chance.

like aim assist?

Yeah but like, super aim assist. Like you are looking a dozen feet to the right and it still snaps to them.

On top of this there is also wall hacks (see enemies through walls) and many other mods. If you’re going to be using one, chances are you will be using many

They are hardly everywhere, I have encountered 3 (same 3 multiple times) good doesn’t = aimbot. Repeated headshots from the scoped rifle while strafing in circles at point blank range, does.

Whelp…I just ran into a Marquis who is either the best I have ever seen…

Or he was using software to assist,

25 kills in a short route of an Echelon fight…

The fight didn’t even last that long and man…If I stuck my nose out for a second…

I hope he was just really good. Because if he was using software just to inflate his ego well…

That is just so sad.

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Or a quick glance at the map indicator, swing quickly in that direction and fire…

As I said, this guy was either the fastest I have seen getting off a snap shot with accuracy or something fishy going on.

I expect it’s more likely to be “when player has been flagged X times” someone checks it out and makes a decision.

You can’t snap shot with marquis, it ends up as a pistol shot.

Or…he looks at map…swings…goes to scope…fires…

And like I said…he was either very, very good. Or something fishy.

Not saying it couldn’t happen…just saying that Marquis is ALWAYS a pain and sits back and annoys the crap out of you…getting a high kill ratio and seldom dying…

It’s the nature of the Character…I get that. I just have never played against a Marquis THAT good…in all the matches I have played.

And 25 kills in a less than 10 min short match…with Zero deaths?? Against fairly experienced players?

I’m just suspicious that’s all.

Just idle curiosity on my part, but what platforms seem to be having aimbot issues? I’m a PC gamer, and I don’t think I’ve really run into anyone I thought was using an aimbot - but that could just be dumb luck, obliviousness on my part, or some quirk of differing platforms.